I am Just a Passenger


Just a Passenger
My face is an honest map of my

Grins and sorrows,
Of all my wins and losses,
My anticipations hidden in the alleys
Under my seemingly placid eyes

My face is a map
Navigated without a compass
Without patience:
Raw and

A map of
Lost and found
A keyhole for a non-existent key

My face is a map
With interconnected roads,
With many crossroads,
Without traffic lights

My face is painted with rainbow colours
A colourful map
There is a road on that map
The Road that still carries your name

It used to be an Avenue
But we took a wrong turn:

“Good-bye, my friend, good-bye”
I am just a passenger
And the map I follow is written on my face.

Sydney, 04/10/2011

  1. Mae says

    What a beutiful map, what a beautiful poem… suits you well, thanks for that!

  2. Lili R. says

    Oh,delightful! I love it!

  3. Nancy Denofio says

    This brings me back to my seven years of traveling and visiting all the museums and standing there, writing in my notebook, prose and poetry about each one. This I must say reminds me of one of them, and it is a delightful roadmap, one road we all take every now and then. Sincerely, Nancy

  4. Malcolm Maras says

    I am so pleased with this poem, and one doesn’t need poetry analysis to know that this one is simply – a great poem.
    The poem, just as the author’s face, surely is – a botox free, but full of soul, and authentic. Well done!

  5. Chrissie Clark says

    I love this evocation of the face and the stories it tells…very beautiful .Thanks for sharing xx

  6. Irina Dimitric says

    Only a botox-free face could be a source of such rich imagery and deep reflection on one’s life journey. This is truly a beautiful poem !

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