Bow to the Gentlemen Saratoga Belle

Bow to the Gentlemen

Bow, to the gentlemen
Saratoga Belle –
congregating in the
park, dressed in fancy
frills –
Sip magic mineral
water, listen to a band-
bow, to the gentlemen
tilt your parasol – flirt
flirt – if you can.

Hard faced, manly
features, wearing
laced buttoned shoes –
Let your smile loose,
raise a corner of your
mouth, for just a little
It doesn’t hurt to flirt –
flirt if you can.

Expensive Saratoga
trunks packed neatly
for the stay… filled
with glitter, gowns
taffeta and lace –
Bow, to the Gentlemen
stare from the corner of
your eye… you’re just
a passing fantasy, so
go on, flirt for a
little while.

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