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I recommend my Page “Julian’s Bible” on Facebook:

It should be read from the bottom upwards. It is quite deep. It is an entirely original idea. Totally different from any other sort of religion. If you consider science-fiction combined with a polytheist religion you are a quarter of the way there.

I assure you that you have not seen anything like it. I also recommend my website of the same name “Julian’s Bible”.

The Page on Facebook is a series of conversations with the gods and goddesses. The Bible on my website is a long story and contains about a third of the book which is a 425,000 word book 900 pages long. Some episodes can be found to be shocking depending on your mentality. For that reason I recommend it to grown-ups only. The Page on Facebook is limited to over 21’s.

(I have corrected a few errors in the cosmology page in Julian’s Bible ( www.babylon666.com ) It is slightly less complex but devastatingly beautiful as a vision. The previous version seemed rather contorted when I studied it.  It is the reality of Nature. That is something that I sense.)

Best regards and good reading.
Julian Abbott.

The URL for Julian’s Bible on the web is www.babylon666.com.
The URL for Julian’s Bible on Facebook is

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