When Congress is the Bully


We have a predicament in Congress, and an annoying one which could be considered the longest running play on the American Stage. 

I have never seen a group of grown people with the right to handle Government for us, corrupt others and laugh about it while the television is taping or citizens are watching a debate, in the halls of Congress, live. I became aware of politics as a young girl – I am speaking of the left and right. 

I believe it is time that Congress gathers the seeds we planted and grow up, spread your thoughts as you take on scattered seats, next to a person from the other side of the aisle.  How poorly Congress appears as they bicker back and forth booing one another when they disagree.  How many times do parents tell their children to deal with it, not to continue to pester others?

The key to this problem is unity.  Well for heavens sake at least you can sit next to one another, and besides that – once the show is over you are all good friends.  We know you frequent the same hang out, share dinner – once in a while, or go to the same places scattered around D.C.  The news isn’t covering you so you can act civil. 

It is all show, like a circus – we have heard it called this before – but we cannot let important resolutions go without a conclusion because of small talk similar to what is heard on a playground.  When Congress and the Senate represents us, they should do so with dignity, without bullying one another – it looks ridiculous when half the room stands and the other half is sitting, or half is clapping and the other half is booing.  This goes on and on like the ever ready battery.

When you think of that person you elected to represent you, keep your eye on them, see if they are your typical congressional complainer, who through expressions and stand up comedy, cause this nation to get nothing accomplished.  Send a letter to your representative and tell them to scatter around the room, surprise the country and be respectful of one another’s thoughts and contributions.

The trouble is – it is like the plague – when one starts it continues and there is no stopping it.  So this “do nothing approach to government” has to be stopped all together.  Did you ever think our officials would act like two teams on a ball field?

So to the Congress – Senate:  Take a moment and switch your seating, stop the bickering and get some things accomplished, and most of all, if you want to keep your job – people will be aware of your actions, and who wants a grown up acting childlike as a representative for “we” the people.

It is time to sit together, not split apart like your ready to tackle each other as you shoot daggers, instead of footballs.  Now – get something accomplished.

  1. Paul Collins says

    The big problem is politicians for life. Too many of these people are nepotism, croyism. You can find this anywhere. We see the same things in the arts and that is why Wall Street is facing a crash. The next thing is the powerbrokerers who buy and sell politicians. Imagine an investor who has the instinct to make money. They have an entrance strategy and and exit plan. Such people, who feel they have the divine right of the kings, are up there and you can’t get rid of them. When you read about the French Revolution. That Revolution was inspired by the American Independence. The same situation occurred in the French Revolution. Back in that day, the king, queen, and members of the auristorates all were executed. It looks like we could be facing a similiar situation in 2013. Let’s hope this is all mindless rabble. Let’s hope the rich who buy and sell politicians are enlightened, not feeling they have the divine right of the kings in their favor.

  2. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    How I understand every word you are telling me – and for the honesty of my own belief – I have seen, talked, and know the amount of money one needs upfront for someone to run for congress, or even be considered a candidate – how then will the common man ever be able to become a part of government? How will they even know what they people are suffering, living with – when everyone has to dish out cash of their own before any name goes into a hat. So these power men, they remain the men who divide the country due to the bucks. And, no matter what side you sit on its a show, a game, and the bullying is ridiculous, government should get back on their high horse and start from day one. I sincerely appreciate your words and hope to hear more from you in the future. Sincerely, Nancy

  3. Robert Politz says

    I applaud you Nancy. For taking the time to write something logical about the state of our political process, for seeing the world of government past the television commercial sound bites and for attempting to shed light on a problem that, for the most part, no one cares about, I salute you.

    Governance is and has always been an orchestrated process planned by the few to exert control of the many primarily for personal gain and this recent “free and fair election” proves it once again. Today’s voter seems to have one single criterion in their selection, “What are you going to give me for free?” or, “What are you going to tell me I can no longer do?”

    The candidate selections and platforms presented to the American voter were spawned from a long term sophisticated plan that flowered into the predictable result we have today. Do you (or anyone else) really think that we, the “voters” ever had a choice?

  4. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    How wonderful to hear your thoughts RH – and I try hard to tell it like I believe it really is in Washington D.C. and recently, the election was a formal way of America to vote, although what needs to change as I said exists on the inside, and our vote places one person in the eyes of the press while the other’s those who we have no control over, or anyone in D.C. for that matter, are bickering like bullies, bulldogs in the alley instead of working far too many situations out from the ground up. You can’t change America in a day… Sincerely, Nancy

  5. Paul Collins says

    From 1968 onwards, Canada had Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau is today known as a statesman. Anybody who says his name, always call him such. Why do Canadians do that? He was responsible for the Canadian Constitution, official bilingualism, multiculturalism. He legalized contraception, abortion, allowed gays, and lotteries … The Canada Health Act was enacted, restricting provinces from experimenting with health care, leading to maintain Free Universal Healthcare. He also created the National Energy Program in 1980 to preserve Oil and Gas industry in Western Canada, preventing if from being overpriced. Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is the father free trade. What came after him was North American Free Trade. What I am saying is… Canada’s Free Universal Healthcare system and Financial regulations did not come by accident. It took effort. If we had a divided government none of this would have came to pass. Even business people have to negotiate. It is shocking to see government officials arguing, deriding the Canadian system. They should look at the what’s not working and fix it. But to spend a year arguing over Free Universal Healthcare is a strange sight. We here in Canada have it because our leaders and business people were prescient. The good things we enjoy in Canada took effort. It did not happen by accident. The US should not have to go through a crisis to effect change. If they do and a French Revolution style situation has to erupt to restore sanity to the system, then this world is ruled by unenlightened individuals…we shouldn’t have to go through a catastrophe to cause positive advancements, or change. I hope we are better then that. I invite everyone on this thread to look up the French Revolution. It is no different now. Look in your history books. You will know what I am saying is the truth. Sorry for the rant! All the best!

  6. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    “Even business people have to negotiate. It is shocking to see government officials arguing, deriding the Canadian system. They should look at the what’s not working and fix it. But to spend a year arguing over Free Universal Healthcare is a strange sight. We here in Canada have it because our leaders and business people were prescient. The good things we enjoy in Canada took effort. It did not happen by accident. The US should not have to go through a crisis to effect change.”

    This statement you presented above says a great deal. I recall when Hillary was working on Universal Health Care, they compared it to Canada, and those who I spoke with at the time, told me it was a good system, although we only heard the bad things in America.

    When you speak about the leaders of business, you are correct. They are, and have to clamp down on what they can offer their employees here in America knowing what is coming. They are not the ones jumping in their seats, but the Insurance companies. Today is a prime example of our evening news, speaking of taking from Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs, to off set the tax deductions. They will never get along here – far too many are stuck in the mud. To but it simply, and far too many should be out of office, and term limits should be set up for congress, as they did with the President. Fresh blood can serve us well if they have the knowledge of the working of the people who live here – they have to walk in their shoes. Sincerely, Nancy

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