Is God’s Pharmacy Amazing?

Is God’s Pharmacy Amazing?

My wife, Ms. Cami, forwarded an email to me with the subject line “EAT LOTS OF SWEET POTATOES.” These are the emails that they want you to send to all your friends so future spam emails will arrive in their inbox. However, since I love to cook and learn about food, this one intrigued me. […]

Saying Goodbye To Old Friends

I can’t remember how or when it all started. But over the years, and the older I became, the more I read the obituaries. Soon I became interested in reading the eulogies mostly trying to learn about the recently deceased and the legacy that they will leave behind. Many aspects of death fascinated me, especially the fact that […]

Dealing with Holiday Emotions

Dealing with Holiday Emotions

My Holiday Emotions: We all have them. We all experienced them deep within us, whether it is good or bad it’s our holiday emotions. Of course over the years these emotions change depending on which memories we elect (subconsciously) to keep inside when the holidays come around. How we deal with them will make our future holiday […]

Saying Goodbye To The Worst Decade In US History

We not only say good-bye the year 2010, we also welcome in a new decade. All I can say is, “It can happen fast enough.” I have only lived through five full decades but as a US History buff, this one goes down as one of the worst. We have seen financial failures in every […]

Another Tragedy @ Notre Dame

Another Tragedy @ Notre Dame ~ student suicide ~ University Cover-up “A 19-year-old college freshman at St. Mary’s College was found barely breathing in her dorm room in an apparent suicide.” That is what the headline read, but it’s the story lines behind that headline is considered more disturbing. The victim; The student found on […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Safety Tips

Every year hundreds of thousands of people are sickened by food poisoning and in the U.S., 5000 people die. Improper food handling is the number one cause of these illnesses and fatalities. And the holiday season is prime time for food poisoning. Every year methods circulate about unconventional ways to cook a turkey. These are […]