Saying Goodbye To Old Friends


Saying Goodbye To Old Friends

Saying Goodbye To Old Friends

I can’t remember how or when it all started. But over the years, and the older I became, the more I read the obituaries.

Soon I became interested in reading the eulogies mostly trying to learn about the recently deceased and the legacy that they will leave behind. This is saying goodbye to old friends.

Many aspects of death fascinated me, especially the fact that everything surrounding death is unknown and a mystery. Soon with all my reading, my views on death changed. Death still remains a mystery but my fears diminished.

Think for a moment about the number of people that pass away each year. They come from all walks of life. Some are famous and rich, while others are poor and less noble.

However, no one eludes death no matter what race or religion. This fact verifies “death” is a natural part of the life cycle and should not be feared.

Now that the year is coming to a close, I am always curious about the people we leave behind. The folks that didn’t make it to the new year. Every year I start to research the notable people we lost in the current year.

This year I decided to compile a list of these people who have touched our lives over the years, who passed away in 2010.  I also put together a video on YouTube with their photos with Sarah McLachlan singing Angel in the background.

We may not remember all their names or place all their faces, but we will never forget their accomplishments or the legacy they left us with.

Johnny Maestro


Notable names in Sports, Entertainment, Music & History:

Thank you for being a part of our lives – God Bless you and rest in Eternal peace

NameDate of DeathAgeLegacy
Art ClokeyJanuary 08, 201088Stop motion animator (Gumby, Davey and Goliath)
Miep GiesJanuary 11, 2010100protector of Anne Frank and her family
Teddy PendergrassJanuary 13, 201059Soul singer Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
Carl Smith January 16, 2010821950’s  Country Singer
Erich SegalJanuary 17, 201072professor, author (Love Story), and screenwriter (Yellow Submarine)
Pernell RobertsJanuary 24, 201081Bonanza and Trapper John MD TV series
J.D. SalingerJanuary 27, 201094Catcher in the Rye Author
Zelda RubinsteinJanuary 27, 201076actress (Poltergeist, Picket Fences)
Mallia FranklinFebruary 05, 201057Singer for Parliament ~
Dale HawkinsFebruary 13, 201073Rockabilly guitarist musician
Doug FiegerFebruary 14, 201057Musician (The Knack)
Tom WolkFebruary 28, 201058Bass guitarist (Hall & Oates)
Ron BanksMarch 04, 201058Singer (The Dramatics)
Lolly VegasMarch 04, 201070Singer (Redbone)
Merlin OlsenMarch 11, 201069Football player LA Rams
Corey HaimMarch 10, 201038Canadian actor (Lucas, The Lost Boys, License to Drive)
Lesley DuncanMarch 12, 201066British singer-songwriter
Peter GravesMarch 14, 201083Actor (Mission: Impossible, Airplane!)
Ron Lundy,March 15, 201075A radio disc jockey (WABC, WCBS-FM)
Alex Chilton,March 17, 201059Musician (The Box Tops)
Fess ParkerMarch 18, 201085Actor (Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone)
Robert CulpMarch 24, 201079Actor (I Spy, The Greatest  Hero, Everybody Loves Raymond)
Johnny MaestroMarch 24, 201070Singer (The Crests, The Brooklyn Bridge)
Elliot WillenskyMarch 29, 201066Songwriter (Micheal Jackson’s Got to be There)
Jaime EscalanteMarch 30, 201079inspiration for the film Stand and Deliver
John ForsytheApril 01, 201092Actor (Bachelor Father, Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty
Buddy GormanApril 01, 201088Actor (Bowery Boys, Dead End Kids)
Eddie Carroll,April 06, 201076Canadian voice actor (Jiminy Cricket).
Wilma MankillerApril 06, 201064first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Malcolm McLarenApril 08, 201064musician  Sex Pistols, New York Dolls
Meinhardt RaabeApril 09, 201094He was one of the last surviving Munchkin- in The Wizard of Oz ~ He played the coroner
250 people diedApril 10, 2010the Polish Air Force Tu-154 plane crash
Dixie CarterApril 10, 201070Actress (Designing Women, Diff’rent Strokes
Benjamin HooksApril 15, 201085Civil rights leader
Daryl GatesApril 16, 201083Chief of police LA PD during the Manson Family Murders
Dorothy ProvineApril 25, 201073Actress, (It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World)
Lynn RedgraveMay 02, 201067English actress (Georgy Girl, Gods, and Monsters)
Ernie HarwellMay 04, 201092sportscaster Detroit Tigers
Robin RobertsMay 06, 201083Professional Baseball Player
Dave Fisher,May 07, 201069Folk singer (The Highwaymen)
Lena HorneMay 09, 201092Singer and actress (Stormy Weather, The Wiz)
Erica BlasbergMay 09, 201025LPGA golfer
Ronnie James DioMay 16, 201067heavy metal singer (Black Sabbath),
José Lima,May 23, 201037Professional baseball player,
Jarvis Williams,May 25, 201045Professional football player (Miami Dolphins, New York Giants)
Art LinkletterMay 26, 201097television personality (House Party, People are Funny)
Gary ColemanMay 28, 201042Actor (Diff’rent Strokes)
Dennis HopperMay 29, 201074Actor and film director (Easy Rider, Speed)
Ali-Ollie WoodsonMay 30, 201058Soul singer (The Temptations)
Dorothy DeBorbaJune 02, 201085Actress (Our Gang)
Joe Gardi,June 02, 201071Hofstra University football coach
Rue McClanahanJune 03, 201076Actress (The Golden Girls, Maude
John WoodenJune 04, 201099Professional basketball player (Purdue, Indianapolis Kautskys) and coach (UCLA, 1948–1975)
Tony PelusoJune 04, 201060Guitarist (The Carpenters)
Marvin IsleyJune 06, 201056Bassist (The Isley Brothers, Isley-Jasper-Isley),
Crispian St. Peters,June 08, 201071British pop singer  (“The Pied Piper”, “You Were on My Mind”)
Jimmy DeanJune 13, 201081country music singer (Big Bad John), actor and businessman (Jimmy Dean Foods)
Jim Pugliano,June 15, 201063Drummer (The Jaggerz, The Rapper)
Garry Shider,June 16, 201056Musician (Parliament-Funkadelic)
Ronald NeameJune 16, 201099British film director (The Poseidon Adventure)
Manute BolJune 19, 201047Professional  basketball player
Don CoryellJuly 01, 201085Professional NFL coach (San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Cardinals)
Bob Sheppard,July 11, 201099Public address announcer  New York Yankees, New York Giants
George SteinbrennerJuly 13, 201080Major League baseball team owner (New York Yankees),
Ralph HoukJuly 21, 201090Baseball Manager (New York Yankees)
Vic ZiegelJuly 23, 201072Sportswriter (NY Daily News)
Kenyon CottonJuly 23, 201023Professional football player (Baltimore Ravens)
Jack TatumJuly 27, 201061Professional football player (Oakland Raiders),
Lorenzen WrightJuly 28, 201034Professional  basketball player (Los Angeles Clippers)
Mitch MillerJuly 31, 201099music executive and television host (Sing Along with Mitch)
Patricia NealAugust 08, 201084Actress, 1964 Academy Award winner (Hud)
Antonio PettigrewAugust 10, 2010421999  Olympic sprinter
Edwin NewmanAugust 13, 201091journalist and newscaster (NBC News)
Bobby ThomsonAugust 16, 201086baseball player (Shot Heard ‘Round the World)
Cammie KingSeptember 01, 201076Actress (Gone with the Wind)
Glenn Shadix,September 07, 201058Actor (Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Harold GouldSeptember 11, 201086Actor (The Sting, Rhoda, The Golden Girls)
Kevin McCarthySeptember 11, 201096Actor Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Leonard SkinnerSeptember 20, 201077Schoolteacher, the namesake of Lynyrd Skynyrd
Kenny McKinley,September 20, 201023Professional football player (Denver Broncos)
Eddie FisherSeptember 22, 201082Singer and entertainer
Gloria StuartSeptember 26, 2010100Actress (The Invisible Man, Titanic)
George BlandaSeptember 27, 201083Hall of Fame football player (Chicago Bears, Houston Oilers, Oakland Raiders)
Tony CurtisSeptember 29, 201085Actor (Some Like It Hot, Spartacus, The Defiant Ones)
Maury Allen,October 03, 201078sportswriter (The New York Post)
Norman WisdomOctober 04, 201095British comedian and actor
Johnny SheffieldOctober 15, 201079actor (Tarzan Finds a Son!, Bomba, the Jungle Boy, Knute Rockne All )
Barbara BillingsleyOctober 16, 201094actress (Leave It to Beaver)
Tom BosleyOctober 19, 201083actor  (Happy Days, Father Dowling Mysteries)
Bob GuccioneOctober 20, 201079publisher, founder of Penthouse
James MacArthurOctober 28, 201072actor (Hawaii Five-O, Swiss Family Robinson)
Jim HunterOctober 29, 201071NASCAR vice president
Shannon TavarezNovember 01, 201011actress (The Lion King),
Andy IronsNovember 02, 201032Professional surfer
Sparky AndersonNovember 04, 201076Baseball Hall of Famer and manager  (Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers)
Jill ClayburghNovember 05, 201066actress (An Unmarried Woman Ally McBeal)
Dino De LaurentiisNovember 11, 201091Italian film producer
Tony West,November 11, 201072British musician (The Searchers)
Pat BurnsNovember 19, 201058NHL coach
Ronni ChasenNovember 16, 201064Hollywood Publicist
Gil McDougald,November 28, 201082Professional baseball player (New York Yankees),
Leslie NielsenNovember 28, 201084Actor (Airplane!, The Naked Gun)
Ron SantoDecember 02, 201070Professional baseball player (Cubs)
Don MeredithDecember 05, 201072Professional  football player (Dallas Cowboys) and commentator (Monday Night Football),
Elizabeth EdwardsDecember 07, 201061Wife of former Senator John Edwards
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