Who Are We Really?



Written following the President’s Speech on the 
steps of the Capital,  January 20th 2009

Who are we –
but our Mother’s love and our Father’s joy,
but if not, we are still – we.
We are the piece of life which plants love as another
seed to grow like a giant tree.

Who are we –
but a silent dream or perhaps a nations hope.
We see through both day and night wheather blind or
sighted –touch another without touching –
kiss another without kissing, embrace with our bravery.

Who are we –
if not human – it does not matter where are feet travel,
it does not matter if our path has its faults, for us or others –
a path still stretches out to conquer near and far –
we smell roses, snap dragons, feel velvet of a petal and the
sharpness of a tongue digs into our soul.
Struck by lightening of our dusty travels, cried tears in
sunshine,  felt thunder as if it ratteled our bones, but we
stand strong.

Who are we –
but friends of our own conversation, pals of the enemy,
relatives of equality, and challenged to be uprooted from
the seed of who we are – still echoing is heard as we must
do what we feel is not right.

Who we are –
angels of our heart, the life of our labor.
Then, why are we still – living what we don’t believe –

Who are we –
but the peace of the world, while others forget
who we are.

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