The Fox and the Moon

The Fox and The Moon
A Fox in a Moon Night by Pirosmani

The moon that came to the meadow,
was as moon as a moon can be,
and the moon was old, and the moon was cold,
cold and old as a moon can be.

The fox that came to the meadow,
was as fox as a fox can be,
and the fox was old, and the fox was cold,
cold and old as a fox can be.

The moon looked down at the meadow,
“If a fox I could only be.
It could do no harm, just once to be warm.
To scamper wild and free.”

The fox looked up at the heavens,
“If the moon I could only be.
Just to glide away, till the break of day,
no hounds a chasing me.”

They lingered there in the meadow,
till the sun ran both from sight,
but the moon was a fox, and a fox was the moon,
on a long lost meadow night.

  1. Joyce says

    excellent very good lesson hère

  2. Joyce White says

    Love the rhythm in this almost like a nursery rhyme. All your poetry carries good lessons. Excellent.

    1. curmudgeon says

      Thank you so much Joyce White. 🙂

  3. curmudgeon says

    Thank you sincerely for the kind remarks Joyce White. 🙂

  4. Eva Blaskovic says

    Beautiful poem and a great message.

  5. Steve Howard says

    Thanks for the kind words Eva Blaskovic.

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