Shadows of the Revolution – A November Sonnet

Shadows of the Revolution
To my friends, those on the Left and on the Right…

Shadows of the Revolution

The occupiers and the tea drinkers
Are getting restless, all across this land

Tell me, watchers, where are the grand thinkers?
The exploiters of the moral quicksand?

So you say, you want a revolution?
The puppet masters craft well any line:

Radical left, extreme right, confusion –
– on the battlefield is always by design!

Who is the shadow? Who is the hero?
Who is the marionette? Who pulls the strings?

See the seeds sown by an unseen Nero…
Watch for agents of darkness, as he sings!

When sparks let loose, who’ll be at ground zero?
For future tyrants await in the wings.

  1. Avatar of Nancy Denofio
    Nancy Denofio says

    If we give what the GOP wants we will fall deeper in a whole, and it sure bothers me that NEWT would even be considered, talk about standards, he went to NH in the ninties are everyone laughed at his plan to change america, to the thinking of the GOP, and then, they laughed when he admitted beating up his wife, not sure if it was one two or three. And when he speaks he has nothing but sarcastic remarks. You see, if he is the front runner, he certainly will die as soon as they dig up the past since I was there, I saw NEWT and listened to his words in the 90s and then he was dismissed as speaker of the house – how could a decent GOP choose anyone like NEWT, he should never mention the word politics again. I agree, GREED is the trouble, plus rules for the President, the best can not get near the stage with backgounds, but who is perfect, as long as they have not tried to pull us into more dispair, more decline. Sure, as you state, the ultra rich are not concerned, and congress has the best health care, what about jobs, some are allowed to stay in the Senate until they pass away, too bad, we had a wonderful President, got us out of debt and all the GOP cared about was his personal life. Not one President was perfect, it is about time we think about what they can do for us. GREED in GOP is outragous, and won’t stop at the higher levels,. as an advocate for the people for over twenty years, writer of politics, etc. and more, this election will be the laughing stock of the GOP. Sincerely, Nancy

  2. Avatar of Konrad Tademar
    Konrad Tademar says

    Nancy, my only concern is this: it doesn’t matter what the Tea Party is complaining about or what the Occupy movement is complaining about. Really, it doesn’t matter. What maters is three fold:

    1. That both people on the political Right and the Left are so angered that they are marching around and holding large rallies. Not just the Left, and not just the Right, BOTH sides. That should be a cause for concern to everyone.

    2. That neither of these two movements are in fact as spontaneous and grass-roots as they would like us to believe. This is because, they both serve the same purpose, both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement is in fact a destabilizing force that de-legitimizes the elected government. It may be that the government has lost legitimacy, if that is the case they are correct. It may be that the government has not lost legitimacy, in that case they are wrong. And any other combination… such as some part of the government but not all has lost legitimacy, in that case they are partly wrong and partly correct (not I am not saying which side!) The issue is: that a barely functioning government (ours) is being destabilized and its legitimacy is being called into question. Which leads me into the last point.

    3. Who benefits if our dysfunctional government is further destabilized and de-legitimized? Surely not the people of the Tea Party or the Occupy movement. Those people the Tea Party folks and the Occupy folks – they don’t really want to destabilize the government, or to make it seem illegitimate – they want to fix it. But that isn’t what is happening. So, I have to ask… who benefits if they (both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement) succeed???

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