Margaret’s Pearls


Margaret's Pearls

It was the small things that got us by in those days.
Counting your blessings before bed,
so you wouldn’t wake up angry in the morning.

Keeping your back straight, wearing proper shoes
so that the weight on your heart and mind
wouldn’t make you slump over
like a sack of potatoes.

Pride in your accomplishments, however small they seemed,
was about maintaining dignity and a determination
to make the best of your life.

I was aware that what I was doing was not exceptional
to most, but exceptional to me in its own right.

You know you’ve done the right thing

when your children take your compassionate sacrifice or kindness
and pay it forward to others, effortlessly.

I’ve got a pearl on my necklace now
for each of my kids and their kids and it keeps growing!

Amazing what a bit of sand and plenty of irritation
can do to create something so whole and perfect.

My children were my life’s work
and it’s been paid back in full, I’d say.

That’s the truth.

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