From Sorrow To Acceptance


On sorrows’ wings I journeyed to a land where I had never been.

Each loss was undiscovered country, landscapes I had never seen, mountains I had never climbed.

I had taken a journey past familiar landmarks I missed, and memories that were past.

I had buried the familiar stories and neglected the happiness, which lay buried deep beneath the earth,only now and then pushing to the surface.

I drank from bitter springs and sat among the weeds, neglecting to seperate them from the flowers.

Beheld only the sunsetting but forgot the beauty in each new day.

When I had shed enough tears, I remembered the laughter echoing in the valley and heard the birds chirping a new song.

And then, I saw the sun reflecting on the water.
And instead of weeds, I saw flowers.

Where there were empty patches of dirt, I saw seedlings and the possibility of new beginnings.

  1. Avatar of Nancy Denofio
    Nancy Denofio says

    Your writing has a beat to it, and I knew you had to find yourself, or the person in the poem needed to find themselves. I did hear the music, and I know this is listed under Lyrics – sure would make a wonderful song.

    Thanks, Nancy

  2. Avatar of Frances
    Frances says

    Thanks Nancy.As someone who only started writing in her early forties,I am still trying to “define”my style.I love the classical poets,but also have started writing free verse.

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