Do Not Pity Me

I'm Difficult for Parkinson's to Beat


Do Not Pity Me

Do Not Pity Me

Don’t pity me 
With my chronic 

But pity those 
who only have 
rags for clothes 
and no food to eat.

I’m well-fed
Making me
Difficult for
To beat.

So don’t pity me
When I stumble
Through a brain fog
Balance buggered
Shoulders stiff as a rod.

But pity those
Whose future is closed
With no knowledge of greed
Or of growing old.

So don’t pity me
As I go into a slow decline
Pampered with
Pills on demand
And home deliveries online.

But pity those
Shivering in the dark
Their watery eyes
Turned to the stars
And the moon’s reflected light
Shedding silver tears
Onto their outstretched arms.

Do not pity me
But pity those.

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