As The Night Descends


As the night draws the curtain close

And all the earth lays down it’s head
The moon and shadows strike a pose
As our little ones are tucked in bed

Ethereal beings take to flight
As heavens’ curtain slowly falls
They pass unseen through out the night
To undertake their sacred calls

To guard frail humans in their sleep
Bringing hope to weary souls
From house to house,they quickly leap
To carry out heavens’goals

  1. Avatar of Andrew Sacks
    Andrew Sacks says

    Beautiful and sensitive and meaningful–and once again Angie and her staff has found the perfect picture! Well done all!

  2. Avatar of Frances Ayers
    Frances Ayers says

    Thank You for your comments! I really enjoyed writing this.

  3. Avatar of Fran Velez
    Fran Velez says

    Franny, I really like that. It’s a very intimate feel about night time. Very Positive outlook about night.

  4. Avatar of Stephanie
    Stephanie says

    Nice poem & the pic is beautiful!!! 🙂

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