An Invitation to Freedom


Creature of comfort, angel in the darkness,
I never believed you could pull me from the gloom.

Always introverted, sealed within my solitude,
You alone could fulfill my release.

As a child I had stolen within,
Confused wounds moulding into adolescent inhibitions,
Never willing to stray from the security of isolation.

Physically, I finally dared to wander
But emotionally, my soul badly scarred
I hid internally, doubting myself not others.

Then you stepped forward, looking deep within me.
You found me cowering but instead of leaving me be
Or trying to drag me from my place,
You gently called out to me, inviting,
And quietly held out your hand.

  1. Avatar of Frances Ayers
    Frances Ayers says

    Very uplifting,soulful and candid!

  2. Avatar of Twiggy Schmidt
    Twiggy Schmidt says

    Very sweet and intense.

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