Hollywood’s Sexiest Men


Here’s a listing of Hollywood’s sexiest men in 2008:

No. 10 Rounding out the top ten of Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazines World’s Sexiest Man poll is Prison Break hunk Wentworth Miller / Supplied

No. 9 The only sports star to crack the top ten in Cosmo’s sexiest men list, David Beckham shows he has the sexy looks to match his football talent / AP

No. 8 Despite just nudging into the 40’s this year, Will Smith just seems to get sexier the older he gets, with the Hancock star taking out eighth place / AP

No. 7 Despite sporting a much scruffier look lately, Justin Timberlake still has the grooves that send the ladies wild / AP

No. 6 Possibly a surprising choice, Wanted star James McAvoy takes out sixth / Reuters

No. 5 Brad Pitt has to settle for a top-five finish, despite having dominated numerous `sexiest men’ polls in the past / Reuters

No. 4 Quantum Of Solace star Daniel Craig has shot up the rankings of sexiest man after his reprisal of the James Bond character / AFP

No. 3 The only under-40 to make it into the top five, Jake Gyllenhaal takes third place / Reuters

No. 2 No surprises here as George Clooney makes it to the pointy end of the list / Reuters

No. 1 Johnny Depp has topped the hunk list to claim the title of sexiest man in the world / Reuters

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  1. flowerbee1234 says

    Where the Hell is Channing Tatum on this list? Or Zac Efron? The only one I agree with is Justin Timberlake. mmm.

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