Where is That Darned Book?


Where is That Darned Book

Where is That Darned Book?

I forget just how many books I’ve loaned to friends over the years, to either never see them again, or have them returned damaged.

Whether that book is a paperback copy or a hardback, makes no difference. I bought it because I wished to read it and to own a copy of it.

Ever since I first read a book on my own aged four, I have cherished and looked after all of the books I have read during my lifetime. Books are still by far the best source of portable knowledge available; and yet in a moment of weakness, from time to time, I still lend my precious copy out to a friend, despite knowing that he or she does not love books, in general, the way I do.

I have several pristine copies of my favourite books sitting in my bookshelves that I will never ever physically read. Instead, I will read the paperback version.

I was reading Joe Konrath’s latest post this morning where he was saying he is downsizing his personal physical library. Like me and millions of others, he has loaned out books from his personal library with the same tragic result.

While reading his post the thought suddenly struck me that I have a collection of books that will always stay pristine and will never go missing. I refer to my steadily growing library of EBooks, stored safely here on my hard drive, easily found via my Kindle for PC software, and backed up on a memory stick.

When a friend comes round and peruses my bookshelves and asks can he/she borrow books X, Y, or Z, like a fool I will probably still say yes despite knowing deep down that they will probably be lost, or perhaps chewed by a pet, or have a cup of coffee or food spilled on them.

But if they take a peek at my collection of EBooks, they’re out of luck, they are not for loaning and they will always remain pristine and readily available to me at a moment’s notice.

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