If it Looks and Sounds Like a Poem


When art comes to consciousness, whether it is Haiku, epic or free verse, if it looks and sounds like a poem, it is.

Whether it be paintings, photographs, sculptures or any form of creative expression, if you can feel it, you can produce it, you can even write an Ekphrasis poem, just paint an image in your reader’s mind, like Yeats, Picasso, and Van Gogh, when conversing with the masters, all imagination gathers to a greatness, leaving a chain reaction, of inspiration by and large: Ekphrasis poetry like mine makes an excellent conversation between two pieces of art.

Chagall-and-PicassoI want to thank Picasso, Chagall, and all the other artists I partner with in my work. Most of us get a kind of emotional fuel from looking at the art of past. They kind of give us a foundation to build our dreams on. There is no such thing as writer’s block when we use others ideas to inspire us.

Poetically speaking, I think most poets are like honey bees hungrily searching through a grand buffet of literature, film and/or art for that speck of pollen we can turn into honey. Besides authoring two books, I had a lot to say and needed a way to say it, so I started experimenting with poetry. I am no doctor and I write for fun and wellness, mine and others. Writing poetry, journaling and art making are creative ways to turn the burning inside our heads into positive thinking, researching and recording. When writing poetry we can’t help but confront our past circumstances to break their hold over us. This form of healing is called Poem Therapy.

Madonna and Baby Jesus The Supreme Subjects, Some call her Mary, others call her Madonna, or the mother of Jesus, she was frail, gentle and absolute, the infant Jesus was her first work of art, the toddler grew strong and alert, and when he smiled at those with twisted and broken bodies, their limbs turned strong, and they who could not stand before could now walk away, that part of little Jesus that was man never knew hunger, for angels nurtured him with the milk of God, poppies, and lilacs for desert, and their love which sustained him.

The Beating of Angel Wings Melodic music of Mozart, and the beating of angel wings, breathing a pure and holy feeling into all who welcome them, For those who believe and pray for help, welcome the guardian angels God will surely send, And, do not be Afraid but Delight when sacred scenes unfold as I: For once in such a moment somewhere in my soul, a pure and holy feeling came over me. I thought I died and gone to heaven, and I decided it was okay, I was suddenly awakened to incredible love. I felt like I could fly! An angel by the name of Sarah explained that angels have only one wing and can fly only by embracing another in love! I was hearing the most refreshing, wonderful and musical things. I knew she was not going to take from me but give instead; she then helped me return to share with others what was given to me which was love.

Zeus, Hermes & Dionysus, the First New Year Baby, Hermes the prankster of the Gods, sired Dionysus the love child of Zeus and a pregnant Semele, who died when a wish backfired because love between a God and a mortal, cannot safely be; Zeus quickly plucked her unborn fetus from her dying womb, to stash in his thigh till born, becoming tired of the extra weight, he then plucked the child, once again, into the light, “You intoxicate me, little one,” Zeus laughed and pronounced, “you shall be the God of wine and good times.” Who better to introduce wine, merriment and fertility than Zeus, the God of electricity, a prankster like Hermes, and an insatiable gender-confused child?

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