A Question Of Packaging


A Question Of Packaging

Why in this age of ‘saving the planet’ do supermarket chains insist on adding their own totally unnecessary and non-biodegradable plastic packaging to their products?

Take for example the humble Banana. Nature has provided this delicious food with its own sturdy thoroughly biodegradable packaging and yet when you buy a bunch of them from your local supermarket, some spotty-faced managerial individual decided in their infinite stupidity that it had to be repackaged to preserve its freshness.

A Question Of Packaging

Fact No:1 Firstly in the supermarket it ain’t fresh. It was shipped in a green unripe state across the world to the distribution point where it was artificially ripened before being sent to your store, apples et al.

Fact No:2 Secondly, because of your stupid management interference, all you have succeeded in doing by embalming the banana bunch in its plastic tomb, is to accelerate the artificial ripening process, effectively reducing its ‘use by date’ by a factor of 50%.

This may be good for your profit margin but it is a complete waste of money for us, the consumers.

Next, I turn to the other woeful practice prevalent in the supermarkets these days – plastic trays and their thin plastic covering. Tomatoes, mushrooms, grapes – you name it, all are presented to us sealed up in the above-mentioned non-biodegradable packaging – Why?

Placing a pre-sliced loaf of bread into a package is understandable; it would fall apart. It has by its very nature an extremely short shelf life and should be eaten within a minimum of two days tops, but tomatoes are available in the packaging that nature provided and will last a considerable time, eggs too. Even my lettuce was wrapped in its plastic tomb – why?

Most of us in this day and age have a refrigerator to keep our supply of fresh food in, in which items like tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms, apples, etc. can be stored in the compartment designed for the purpose, I give you the humble ‘crisper’, thereby negating the need to buy on a daily basis.

As for supermarket shopping bags, get rid of your stocks of them, don’t palm them off on your customers. No matter how you look at it they are non-biodegradable and litter the streets, roads, and hedgerows of the world. A well-known supermarket chain here in the UK hit the headlines yesterday when they announced that in the interests of the planet they were reducing the thickness of the bag.

Complete Balderdash! All that has done, you dimwits, is to anger your customers because the damned things self-destruct even before items are placed in them!

If you are genuinely interested in the environment supermarket spotty Herbert’s, prove it by ceasing to use any form of plastic packaging, and for god’s sake don’t try to improve on nature’s own packaging from now on.

Don’t even get me going by making mention of your other completely insane practice of the accursed ‘use by date’! Grrr….

  1. Avatar of Angelica Pastorelli
    Angelica Pastorelli says

    My view exactly!

  2. Avatar of Dana Goodman
    Dana Goodman says

    You are absolutely right!
    It’s too ridiculous for words, and it will not stop unless we all know these facts and will act accordingly. In our own daily decisions and our choice of government!

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