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Black Dog and Rebel Rose has been listed in the top 40 Highest Rated Books for Kindle in Erotica on for 2 weeks now. To celebrate, I thought I would post some of the great reviews that have helped my little vampire hunter story along on its journey.

“This is not a meek and mild vampire love story but rather an edgy and graphic tale of hope. Hope that relative goodness will defeat evil and that we all have a soul mate out there just waiting for us.”
~ Coffee Time Romance

Danielle D. Smith“I am honored to be present for the birthing of a fiction star. Danielle D. Smith is headed for the Hall of Greats with her gunshot-fast wit and storytelling style that sucks you in…”
~ Annee Pfau, Author of “Redemption: the Blood Curse


“Honestly, the first thing that drew me to this novel was the cover. Yes, I know the rule “Never judge a book by the cover”. I’m one of those readers where the cover is, usually, what draws me to the book. Ms. Smith’s cover reminded me of a well-drawn tattoo–one with silken fingers that enticed the viewer to come closer…look at me…touch me…

The characters in Black Dog and Rebel Rose whispered from that cover, and there isn’t enough praise I can pass out for this novel. Black Dog and Rebel Rose is a tantalizing tale of good vs. evil, and their presence is just as cloying as that seductive cover.

I’ll be honest, all girls have a deep passion for the bad boy, and Skyker is just that. Fiendishly handsome, he’s drawn toward one woman who men would sell their soul for, the half angel Rose. When demons meet angels, the world is certainly fiery! Ms. Smith’s tale is a blazing paranormal romance fill with lust, heartbreak, blood, and fire! As a reader, I was drawn into the tale and couldn’t stop reading. Demons, vampires, lust, and graphic passion blast from the pages with the exquisitely written world.

Exciting, thrilling, I can’t issue enough praise for this amazing paranormal romance. Black Dog and Rebel Rose were so wickedly HOT I felt my computer screen was ready to explode!

My only complaint—I wanted more!”
–At Your Fingertips Reviews

“I have been eyeing this one off for a while now and held off for a while only because I live in Australia and was umming and ahhhhing about having to pay for international delivery. So, of course, the solution was Kindle!!! God love the internet I tell you.

What caught my eye first with this novel was its cover design, which I found out was done by the author. Amazing artist and amazing author. The main character Skriker had my heart throbbing from the start, his bad boy rep hitting me hard! What caught my eye first with this novel was its cover design, which I found out was done by the author. Amazing artist and amazing author. The main character Skriker had my heart throbbing from the start, his bad boy rep hitting me hard. And to find he is half human, half demon kinda turned me on even more. Danielle’s fight scenes were awesome to say the least and the love scenes quite raunchy, not much being held back I can tell you that.

But what I loved the most was how her characters showed a different side to themselves later in the story. I found it great that Skriker had a soft side hiding under that rough exterior. Although I’m sure he doesn’t want that advertised. LOL. The belle of the ball was a hunter named Rose that he meets in a town of vampires and ghouls, and their relationship grows from there.

The only disappointment I found was that it wasn’t long enough as it left me wanting more.
Great book, great author, great characters. A must read for any paranormal or erotic fans.”
–Angie, Customer/Goodreads Member

“Danielle D Smith’s sexy story of Rose and Skriker’s tumultuous romance and relationship is captivating from start to finish. Not only is it action packed and hot, it has a great storyline linked to Psyche’s Gate (another great book by Danielle D Smith!) I can’t get enough! She’s my favorite new author. I would definitely recommend this book!”
–D. Barone, Customer/Goodreads Member

“I had heard `talk’ about this book prior to reading, and I must say, it did not disappoint. For a new author Danielle Smith, has a good writing voice, a good vocabulary, and good descriptive talents.

Black Dog and Rebel Rose, a Novella at 156 pages do not miss any main element for its size.

I only say this, as many readers sometimes pass up a book like this because they want “a big one”, not remembering that sometimes “size doesn’t matter”.

Black Dog is Skriker’s nickname. He is a handsome blond biker who has charmed a myriad of women to his bed. He is a human hunter and half?… He meets Rose a beautiful female human hunter and half?… They both have come upon a deserted town they had heard being infested with Vampires. Skriker pulls up on his Harley, to find a beautiful motorcycle a Ducati Monster parked under a tree. Of course, the owner is Rose.

This is where the story rolls into high gear and gets good. The book is a page-turner. Ms. Smith kicks up the fighting that is fast and furious with great descriptiveness. The love story and hidden lies helps make Skriker and Rose click. The trust grows from their first meeting. You can feel the desire and respect grow.

Rose finds out about Skrikers past. When he tries to save her life during a fight with the enemy, he exposes his other half to her. The final obstacle is Skriker finding Rose’s secret. Will they be able to overcome what and who they are beside born enemies?

Again I must say, this is a great story to curl up with, on a comfy couch, on a cold winters afternoon. Add a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy!”
–The Paranormal Romance Guild

“Wow! Danielle Smith knows how to suck her readers into this graphic Hunter novel. Gruesome action abounds all around our Skriker and Rose as they are on a hunt to destroy a huge nest of Bloods. While spewing guts and body parts everywhere around them, they get to know one another’s secrets and are drawn to one another like magnets despite how opposite they are. This is a must-read for any bad-ass tattoo clad Harley riding butt-kicking junkie. Kudos to you Danielle! Awesome book.”
–T. Lynne Tolles, author of “The Blood Series”

Black Dog and Rebel Rose by Danielle D. Smith is an erotic, action-packed and entertaining read. It is about Demon hunters Rose and Skriker. They each have a secret that they keep hidden from most. Both are tough dynamic characters. Their paths cross in Paradise Hills, an abandoned town rumored to house a large population of vampires. There they find what they were looking for as well as what they weren’t. Their chemistry sizzles from the first meeting and they soon discover they must work together in their hunt. Together they battle forces of evil and discover love. They also discover each other’s secret.

I read “Psyche’s Gate” previously so parts of this book saddened me, though it provided that catalyst that helped to shape one of the main characters of this book. The world and characters in this book are connected to “Psyche’s Gate” however one can easily be read without reading the other.

I really enjoyed Black Dog and Rebel Rose. It flowed nicely and was well written. The characters and descriptions were wonderfully done and a joy to read. The chemistry between Rose and Skriker was sizzling. The action described in such a way that it came alive in my imagination. The dialog was expertly done. The love story was touching and fun to read

This is the second book I have read by Danielle D. Smith and I liked it even better than the last. I look forward to more books from her.’
–Paranormal Kiss Reviews

“Known, among friend and foes alike, by his nickname Black Dog, Skriker had it all. He was handsome as sin and had amazing prowess when it came to satisfying a willing multitude of eager ladies or fighting ferocious battles against the evil denizens of hell and beyond. Yet he was also burdened – and blessed – with a secret. Alone and free with no room for pesky entanglements, that was the life he lived and the life he cherished, until, by chance, he met Rose.

Alluring and with an otherworldly beauty, Rose also carried a secret. She, too, was a top-notch warrior with sharply honed combat skills. Rose delighted in seeking out and wiping out all things evil. Determined to live life on her own terms, Rose was a loner with no room for romantic entanglements, until, by chance, she met Skriker.

Meeting by chance in the abandoned ruins of Paradise Hill, Rose and Skriker are instantly attracted to each other. Breaking their own rules, they fight together to clear the forsaken city of its evil inhabitants. It is during the course of their adventures together that secrets are unintentionally exposed – secrets that could mean the damnation of them both.

It is technically, I guess, a sequel to Psyche’s Gate but this book was easily able to stand alone on its own merits. While Psyche’s Gate was, for me, defined by its lyrical writing and brooding, gothic atmosphere I found Black Dog and Rebel Rose much more fun overall and easier to read – a rollicking fantasy romp.

This novella hooked me from the very first page. With non-stop, breath-taking action and sizzling hot sex scenes, the author effortlessly pulled me into the story of Skriker and Rose. The chemistry between the two protagonists was just delightful. Their conversations, at times poignant, were skillfully crafted. This was a fun, well-written yarn that should appeal to readers who enjoy tough, no-nonsense leading characters who are able to extradite themselves from sticky situations using intelligence and guile. It was superb entertainment for my Sunday afternoon. I Loved It!!”
— Laurie J., Professional Reviewer/ Customer

Thank you endlessly to everyone who took the time to review BD&RR and help push this book up the Top Rated chart! You all ROCK!!!

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    This is awesome paranormal romance! Just the way I love it. And…
    You look like one of you caracters – simply mind-boggingly beautiful, hmmm.

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