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What would happen if Heaven and Earth became one unit? What would happen if those above decided to merge both realms into one? How would you feel knowing that your every move was being observed and monitored?

What if your life would no longer be your own but decided upon by those in charge or who ruled? Would we live forever? Who would rule? Those above or our government as we know it? Think about it! What happens when two men Fall out of Favor or Grace one with their father and the other with the church and wind up in the same place? How?

luciferLucifer is at odds with his father The Almighty. Quarreling, arguing and expressing their opinions in open arguments are nothing out of the ordinary for either man. Lucifer’s father rules the heavens and he disagrees with his decisions and the way he rules. Gabriel, his younger brother, often mediates between them but to no avail.

Lucifer realizes that sometimes in order for the end result to be what you want you might have to change your strategy and formulate a better way to express your thoughts. Satan, his trusty and most valuable friend and conscience explains his downfalls and tries to help him see the light in a better way.

Micky Finn has been floundering not only in his career and taking menial jobs that he really dislikes but in his personal life too. Having to come to grips with his relationship with his girlfriend and his failing as an assistant priest the author flashes back to where it all began and his reasons for leaving.

As the reader learns about Micky’s indiscretion and the end result, more of his personality and his struggles are understood. Micky is conflicted about his feelings about leaving the priesthood, his career goals and decides to go back to where it all began in order to find some answers and direction. As he revisits the Church and meets with his close friend and priest Alex Wild he begins to understand where he needs to go, who he needs to find and what he might be the next step in his life.

Lauren, Joseph, and Micky are three close friends. Lauren and Joseph are brother and sister. Lauren opinionated and strong-willed and Joseph enjoying egging her on. Both Micky and Lauren have visions. They see images of shadows of people flying in their dreams. Both are plagued with headaches and both find out that somewhere in their brains they have a tumor that seems to be creating seizures and other problems for them both.

What they both learn about these tumors, how it will affect their present and what does it have to do with their pasts will stun the reader and keep you glued to the printed page until you find out the answer to his question and many more.

The Almighty is the one who is supposed to rule Heaven and create the laws. Metatron has gained control over his mind and reduced him to a mere human wiping out his memory, his thoughts and his ability to render any decisions. Metatron hates everyone and anything that gets in her way even it if means taking on a human form, returning to Earth and hunting her prey she will stop at nothing to destroy and deplete both worlds of her enemies.

As we get to know both Micky and Lauren better we learn that they have some link to the other world and often find themselves drifting there much to the chagrin of the observers watching their actions on Earth. Michael the Chief Observer is concerned that both Micky and Lauren keep finding their way back to celestial universe. Having to undergo hypnotherapy as part of her advancement in her work, she relates that she has had many past lives dating back thousands of years until the present. Hearing about her session Micky decides to find out more about himself and wants to undergo hypnotherapy too.

Enter Rick an old friend of both Micky and Alex coming back just when Alex and Father Simon are both critically attack in their church hoping to seal the rift between them when Micky left the Priesthood and Rick went in another direction. Where they all wind up and what happens will send these characters on a journey they will never forget as two worlds collide and come together in order to save both the human and heavenly worlds from one woman’s domination and control.

What if someone told you that you were really two different people, entities or had two distinct personalities hosted in two separate bodies? What if you were part of a mass rebellion and banished to live out your immortal life in human form on earth until your demise? What if your father was the Almighty Chief of Staff and the most powerful man in the Universe who banished his own son and two friends because they dared to disagree with his viewpoint and his goal: To merge heaven and earth into one realm under his rule. What if these rebels decided that the people on Earth should be allowed to make their own mistakes and needed no guidance from them? What would you do if you were the Almighty? Wait until you find out?

Micky, Lauren, and Joseph will learn their true identities, their real mission on Earth and much more, as they understand the true meaning of Fall From Grace and their roles in trying Rising Back Up.

One woman named Metatron rules and has taken control. So powerful there are many who not only fear her but also will not even attempt to stand in her way. Michael: the Chief Observer once in charge of the armies but now demoted in power by this evil woman, is the only one standing in her way of ultimate domination. It is Michael who stands up to her but at what cost.

Micky feeling guilty for leaving the church returns to where it all began and finds out many things about himself he would never have remembered or learned. Alex his longtime friend and Father Simon are murdered in cold blood. You won’t believe why and by whom? There are many unexpected twists, turns, and surprises in this novel that the reader will never expect nor forget. What would you do if you had a past life? Would you give up who you are to save someone you love? What if doing this meant losing your identity? Wait and see the unprecedented outcome and end of this innovative novel by Matthew Munson.

One woman who hates humanity, reduced the Almighty to a mere human and wanted to create a world where she dominated and humans were Earth was obliterated no matter whose lives were lost or to what lengths she would have to go. Confronted by her own son Gabriel, faced by Lauren and front and center with Joseph as they bring forth their alter identities, recreate their pasts in order to move on to the future. What happens you won’t expect? When Joseph reincarnates with his angelic form, and Lauren and Micky there’s the end result will devastate not only the reader. Human frailties. People who love their families and want to survive in a caring world. One woman in search of power, greed and hoping to find Micky for reasons beyond his control and understanding.

When Micky, Joseph, and Lauren decide to enlist the help of one police officer and find their way back to heaven breaking the veil that separates the two realms, the end result will change the course of their lives in more ways than one, open others the harsh reality behind Metatron’s true motives for reducing the Almighty to human form and mental mush.

Will she succeed in overpowering Micky, destroying Lauren and eliminating Joseph? What happens to Gabriel when he tries to fight back? What is the end result for Lauren, Micky, and Joseph? Who wins and who pays more than just the ultimate price? The celestial showdown in place, the powers are restored, the end for someone is near and the final outcome will change Heaven forever.

Will Earth and Heaven Unite? Will The Almighty regain his memories and thoughts and rule again? Will Metatron be triumphant or will something happen to change it? Only The Almighty knows the answer to that and I will certainly never reveal his Heavenly Solution to this amazing novel nor will I tell you the ending. All I can say is that many questions are answered and others are left unknown as author Matthew Munson’s Fall From Grace brings to light what happens when deceit, lies, a strong woman with power and just being human can bring a man down.

Fast-paced, filled with many interesting and thought-provoking characters, thoughts, and scenes, this novel makes the reader ask themselves many questions: What would happen if I had a past life? What would happen if someone up there was watching my every move? What would happen if I had a past life as some else? What would happen if someone were watching us and we knew it? Would we change? Would the evil stop or would you still be the same? Simply Human!

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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