Review: Getting Older Just Got Funnier


Diapers to Diapers and Other Funny Stuff.

Sagging boobs, hot flashes, menopause, weight gain and facial hair what more can you ask you when getting older. Viagra for men, oversized chests for women, primping to look great and wondering where time went are just some things to contemplate as everyone gets older- but it’s all in how you look at it and deal with the inevitable: Age it just creeps up on you and you gotta laugh!

Author Pat Krause has been through too much in her life time and yet she keeps going making others laugh, using her sense of humor to brighten her own day and that of others and withstand all of the heartache she has endured. Losing her daughter, a husband and a mother is something you never recover from. Losing my sister just a few months ago and my mother in law changed my outlook on life in many different ways.  Added that my mom has Alzheimer’s and she can be really funny at times. Dealing with her keeps me grounded and my sense of humor in full force to deal with what she says. But, one thing is for sure my sense of humor, reading and reviewing great books, even one with comics and humor like this one, keeps my mind active, young and from going to total mush.

Diapers to Diapers and Other Funny StuffSo what makes this book so unique? The illustrations are hysterical and the facial expressions on each person are priceless as the author even depicts her late husband, Gene in a race car, trying to deal with her hot flashes and doing normal things in his daily routine that really make you laugh.

Diapers to Diapers and other Funny Stuff reminds us young at heart that getting older is something to definitely laugh about. From depends to Prozac to make you feel no pain, to Viagra for men to keep things up and running (You Hope!) author Pat Krause reminds of what you will endure when getting older- except if you don’t think about it. Admitting that you can’t see or maybe you just need that added enhancement to help you see better as described on pages 40-41. Senior Sex looks not to strenuous but Disco Diva certainly scared the life out of those old guys who could not keep up with her.

From burning hot flashes, droopy body parts to senior moments this book has something for everyone. My favorite is the hat on page 59, which makes getting ready all-inclusive and ready for action real style. Plus for those in need of the Rolls Royce of Walkers check out the models on page 60 before you order yours. My favorite is page 63, which you need to read for yourself to find out why. Let’s not forget the jokes added at the end of the book that will definitely make you laugh and everyone can relate to. But, the one that hits home is the last about the elevator not realizing there is a top floor. Living in a building that has two elevators and you are lucky if one is operational, you pray that it finds its way to my floor, which happens to be the one below the roof.

Happiness is remembering your name as the author states. Laughing at yourself and understanding that laughter keeps us young, healthy in mind and Pat Krause say: Keeps things in perspective and makes life fun. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own special way. Thank you for reminding everyone what’s really important in life: A Smile: Laughter and a sense of humor will get your through. Everyone has wrinkles, sags and droops that are a given in most cases- uplift yourself with a joke, a smile or just laugh when your body won’t cooperate. One more important point: Let’s Hope You Stay Dry: Diapers to Diapers: That’s Why We DEPEND On Them.

This is a definite must read and laugh for everyone. There is definitely something for everyone in this book to make you say: Getting older can’t really be that bad of can it? You decide: I refuse to think about it.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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    Jack Eason says


  2. Avatar of Paula Shene
    Paula Shene says

    Great review! I must get a copy of this book ~ the elevator did it for me!

  3. Avatar of Paula Shene
    Paula Shene says

    Great review! I must get a copy of this book ~ the elevator did it for me!

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