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Slocum II

I ‘met’ Skip when I hesitantly joined an online community of writers. I wanted to learn what writers on the other side had. I became a tiny fish in a big ocean as I learned how to write in a way that would make sense to my other online members.

In the process I came across this gentle giant who I have never seen physically but he became my best friend. Himself and another writer Lisa Suda. We became in a fashion THE CHORD. I learnt a lot from them. We were all writing stories and yes there were two others Liz and Max, but gradually it was just these three.

We shared stories, critiqued for each other and that helped me a great deal. I published my first novel Blood Contract, and Skip never seemed satisfied with his and kept knocking it into a shape he felt comfortable with. Finally, I had the distinct pleasure to learn a few weeks back that the book The Keening Fire is now available for readers.

Slocum IIThe Keening Fire

A beautiful story set in the middle ages when man was close enough to his inner being as to listen to the keening of his spirit and be guided into bravery, learn how to be a real man, and go through a rite of passage into manhood. It is the story of Matt, who carries on the keening gift and earns his rights through trials and tested love and loyalty to his king. I am held spellbound by the beauty of the words, the evolution of Matt from teenager to the sense of an ideal upright man. I went through the agonies of his pain and felt light-headed with happiness when he finally won his place amongst men.

Skip Slocum has through this book shown a powerful ability to tell a story so well that I can only urgently recommend you to read the interview and buy the book.

Here is the short interview I had with him. Please Enjoy.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a retired Diesel Mechanic – Married for 31 years – father of three – grandfather of two.

The Keening Fire holds my interest because it is almost African, what prompted you to write it?

When my grandson was six years old, he asked me to tell him a story. I started making up this one on the spot. We decided I’d better write it down before I forgot the names of the characters. Over the next six and a half years the story transformed and almost took on a life of its own.

 Matt seemed to have gone through a crucible of fire, almost like some initiation rite of passage, does that still happen?

Well, without giving away too much of the story – This young warrior is constantly tested by life’s unforeseen twists and turns. Like with many people, he discovers life’s journey never turns out or takes the path we thought it would.

The book though written in another age seem to talk about values that would be relevant in today’s world, would you care to explain.

That was one of my goals. Let me see if I can explain without waxing too philosophical. There comes a time when we as mortal men discover the meaning and cold reality of that awful word, ‘Mortal’. I wanted to leave some advice and values to my grandson and his grandsons – We as good men, fathers, warriors, and or guardians of the innocent are responsible for our actions.

–What we do today will shape who we become tomorrow.–

The art of keening has been likened to magic, sorcery or at best something dreaded, but what do you think?

To answer that question I need to explain what ‘The Keening’ is.  In my story, ‘The Keening’ is an inherited gift passed down through the ages –father to son – The Keening manifests itself from within – a power of insight – some may glimpse the future or commune with nature, some may hear the thoughts of men. The Keening changes with everyone it comes to according to their strength, morphing and changing in every generation. To those who don’t possess this insight The Keening may appear as magic, sorcery or something to fear.

What class of people would enjoy the book?

My hope is everyone. The Keening Fire is a coming of age adventure, a discovery of who we can become, a fantasy, a story of love and loss.

If you were asked to classify the book how would you classify it?

Since our lives are not and cannot be confined to any one genera how could I write this warrior’s life as one bracketed and set within parameters?

You are a writer who is almost a recluse, please tell us where we can buy copies of your book.

You can find a copy of my book here.
If I may, let me say – I set the price as low as the self-publishing plug-ins would allow. This is a saga not a short novel.

Share a writing day with us.

Being retired and a grandfather, my little ones have grown where I can set my own hours concerning writing. While working on this story I ignored clocks as much as possible and quit following calendars years ago. I am a creature of the night and seem to do my best writing while my wife is safe in bed asleep. Yet let me say, there are many forms of writing. There is the plotting, thinking, scheming, playing out scenes hearing dialogue in one’s head until scenes becomes real and then there is the computer’s keyboard where I try to put on paper what is playing in my world of imagination.

Apart from writing, what other interests do you have?

Being a third generation mechanic and blue-collar worker, I love mechanical devices. I have a passion for tools, gadgets, art of all kinds, movies and asking the question: ‘What if’
Within the nuts and bolts of writing this story I consciously chose not to use Speech-Tags.

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