There’s a Gator Under My Bed!


Gator Under My Bed

Gator Under My Bed

[Page1] There’s a gator under there, under my bed!

I  hear him scratching on the floor with his GREAT BIG CLAWS.

Opening and closing his BIG MASSIVE JAWS.

[Page2] That gator under there … I think he’s waiting for me! I’d like to get up,

I’m thirsty you see, but I am scared half to death in case that gator eats me!

[Page 3] A glass of water would be nice; but right now, I’d settle for a small piece of ice

[page4] I could put my toe on the floor just to see if that gator will SNAP and chomp at my feet!

Nope, I should not do that; that wouldn’t be neat if I lost a toe or even my feet.

[Page5] But what should I do? My mommy would know!  But how do I ask her without losing a toe?

[Page6] I could run to the door as fast as I can. Make a break from my bed and jump over his head!

[page7] That gator of mine hiding under my bed, maybe I should think about that one instead. How did he get there that gator of mine, the one under the bed who is surely still wild?

[Page 8] If I called out to my mommy would it alarm him?  Um I don’t know,  but mommy might get eaten and that is worse than my toe!

[Page9] What if I closed my eyes and counted to ten, then opened them up, would he be gone by then?

[Page 10] The alligator that’s under my bed, maybe I’ll befriend him and his name will be FRED! That’s what I’ll do! I’ll kick off my covers and jump out of bed, and in a loud voice I’ll call out to FRED.

[Page11]  “F R E D OH MY the gator is gone, the one under my bed!

[Page 12] Come to think of it, he was all in my head! “AWWWW, where’s FRED?”

copyright©2011 Amanda M. Thrasher

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    😀 Great tale.

    1. Avatar of Amanda M. Thrasher
      Amanda M. Thrasher says

      Thank you Jack so much!

      We love the simplicity of this little story, and the illustrations as you can see are awesome. We are trying to find the ‘right’ fit, I hope we can.

      All my best,

      1. Avatar of Mike Saxton
        Mike Saxton says

        Absolutely awesome. This would be great to help my son from letting his imagination run away with him.

      2. Avatar of Amanda MThrasher
        Amanda MThrasher says

        Thank you so much Mike!

        I appreciate your comments and input! I was hoping to get some feed back, this is exactly what I had in mind!

        All my best,

  2. Avatar of andrea anderson
    andrea anderson says

    Great Job!

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