Self Improvement Through Self Defense


Self Defense

Self Defense

When people think of “self-improvement”, they normally think physical: new hairstyle, trim waist, killer abs, toned muscles, breast implants, etc.

Rarely, is any thought ever given to their safety – whether they are physically or mentally prepared to defend themselves and/or their families, especially for women.

Taking the necessary steps to reduce our exposure to crime is not about fear – it is prudent risk management. Just as most of us have learned to swim in order not to drown; and/or have taken a CPR course to protect our families, self-defense is just another component to being prepared. The question is, are you confident that you have a plan on how to handle a criminal attack if it happens? What will you do?

Self-defense training is a way to take back control of your life, rather than feeling helpless in the face of adversity – whether it be criminal, your spouse or your boss.

Self-defense training is not all about physical techniques to subdue a criminal. It is about learning assertiveness behavior, verbal boundary setting and fear management. It is about you taking control of yourself and providing you with the tools to set your own destiny.

Self-defense training also impacts us psychologically through:

  • increased self-confidence
  • reduction in feelings of vulnerability
  • increased independence
  • increased feelings of self-reliance
  • decrease in anxiety
  • increased situational & environmental awareness
  • increase in feelings of self-worth

The benefits of self-defense training flow over to other aspects of your life. Why not add something different to your self-improvement list and take a self-defense course today?

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  1. Avatar of Henrietta Colbitz
    Henrietta Colbitz says

    I agree, as I am an avid martial artist too, thanks for this article!

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