Magic of a Leprechaun


Collected all the details;
charts, records –
then organized the day –
we knew – you would
never give up.
Etched in my mind,
your eyes.

Years have gone
since hell broke loose
but time is still filled by
memory – your strength
and courage – your battles
for living –

On the day you were to
die we were brought to
your side – near the head
of the bed, to the right, I

No one moved. I recall
the sound of the respirator,
your eyes opened, but you
stared at the ceiling as air
pumped your chest up and
down –

I don’t recall what I was
thinking – it was what you
were thinking that bothered
me – watching you stare –
tubes and tape and blood
draining from your mouth –
then your eyes closed.

A friend shared rosary beads
from Ireland…
out loud I asked God,
“If only you could wake
one more time see the beauty
of these rosary beads…”

I placed them in her hand.

You sat up, waved your
arm toward the door as
nurses came into the room,
and I smiled for awhile –
you glanced at us,
gathered around your bed –

It was that last spark of
life – you lived another
day – you joined others
when the magic of a
leprechaun touched
your skin.

(Mom – do you remember
me – at birth – with tubes
and a wall of glass keeping
you away?)

  1. Avatar of Lynne Levandowski
    Lynne Levandowski says

    Interesting and creative poem.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Lynne thank you so much for your kind words. A rough one to write for sure…

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