A Last Goodbye


A finger straight
she wipes dust from
a golden plate;  white
gowns, white gloves;
men stand tall escorting
all who love.

As she floats past
stained glass windows,
white gowns, pearls –
veils . . .  In her eyes –
spider webs of silk,
some a dusty shade of pink.

She watches – a line of
men turn their backs from
the golden rail. Turn away
from a golden plate. . .

Once she talked of
power like a deck of
cards turned one by one.

And a sliver of light
cuts the fog – recalling
his arms around her
waist – and lifting her
to kiss his face.

She glares into the
brightest light, then
glances at a silk
wedding gown.

Her finger straight –
she lightly touches
his broad shoulders,
blows air onto his neck.

Time has come to face
a brighter light –
She said her last goodbye.

  1. Paula Shene says

    Hmmmm…it leaves me with many thoughts on her destiny..another good one!

  2. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Thanks so much Paula. It is kind of different, but very much possible, almost a plot for a movie. LOL

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