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Playing online bingo is a craze that is gripping the world – there are now more than 100 million online bingo players around the globe. And it’s easy to understand why so many people are fans of this simple game of chance.

When you play a game of online bingo the only thing you can do to alter your chances of winning is by deciding to take part or not. Everything else is down to the whether the numbers on the cards you choose to play match up most quickly with the number calls. You don’t even have to mark your matching numbers more quickly than anyone else; the software does that for you.

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There’s also the convenience factor. You can play online bingo at any time of the day, wherever you might be. All you need is internet access. And now that many sites offer mobile bingo, you can take bingo with you wherever you go.

As there’s so much competition between bingo sites for new players, there are great incentives to start playing at all the different sites. If you start to play on Costa, the UK’s most popular free bingo site, you’ll see that free games are included every half hour on the games schedule. Free games still have cash jackpots attached to them – it’s the site’s way of giving its customers loyalty perks. There’s even a free game on a Friday night called Costa Crazy where the guaranteed jackpot is £10,000!

Wherever you choose to play bingo, it’s sensible to stick to playing on one site, as you’ll build up loyalty points by doing so. Each time you play, you increase the number of loyalty points, which you can then cash in at a later date for a bonus or other promotion. Many sites don’t just reward the new players with a welcome bonus when they put down their first deposit; they’ll also offer redeposit bonuses. So, if you’re going to pay to play bingo games, you may as well pay in one place where you can take advantage of free credit when it’s on offer.

You can also build up new friendships by playing on one bingo site. Players can chat to other players in the bingo chat rooms, and you’ll begin to see familiar user names popping up each time you go online to play. You may just make conversation while playing a game, but sometimes you’ll find that you really hit it off with another player and some great friendships have been known to develop from a chance meeting in a bingo chat room.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons that many people play bingo is because that big win could come anytime. There are no guarantees, but even if you don’t win, you’ll have had fun trying!

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