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God Power! Imagine being able to handle the Universe, change things around and enter someone’s mind to learn their inner most thoughts. What about making objects, buildings, planets and streets disappear and then reappear out of nowhere.

What if you did not know why you could do these things and where the power came from? Would you think you were God or would you think you were having hallucinations or a breakdown?

Picture yourself living in a cardboard box. Limited or no housing available and those who can afford an apartment might get one with very few amenities that you are accustomed to. Imagine the streets, businesses, stores and buildings lined with filth, pull down beds, nauseous green paint on the walls and furniture that came from an office supply company. Those affording these apartments were lucky. Others live in tube cities in rows of tubes one on top of another. No regular food supply, begging for scraps- living on the street in a cardboard box. This was the existence of those described as you enter the year 2031. Welcome to what might happen if we don’t watch out!

As our story begins we meet Gabe Stevens and Carlos Martinez, two men with college degrees working in a bookstore riddled with dirt, warped floors and chipped paint. Bookshelves that have not been cleaned forever that emanated an odor that would send you heaving. Rotted books, splinters all over the place and you are the lucky ones to have a job working in Upside Down Books. College educated, computer literate and much more these two friends are fortunate to have this medial job. One runs the place the other stacks and inventories the books. Better yet, no chance of stealing. Iris scanners scan a person’s eyes and the amount of the purchase is deducted from the customer’s bank account on the spot. Better hope they do not scan you more than once!

As Gabe Stevens is completing his day he comes across a strange book with a Holocube inside of it. Titled “The Universe,” he also notes the author is God. At home remembering he has this book he inserts the cube in his computer the end result will astonish not only Gabe changing the course of his dull life, but Carlos and many others too. You see, Gabe experiments with this cube and creates havoc on the real universe: ours.

First: typing Saturn on his computer he winds up there and you won’t believe how he returns. Next, he obliterates Mars and he, but others too causing some serious changes in the atmosphere and solar system do not only see that. But, that is only the beginning as he takes Carlos into his confidence and then the real nightmare begins as he types in various names in the computer and actually enters the body and mind of several people at learns their inner most secrets and experiences their inner most fears and horrors. Frightening the say the least but exciting to Gabe.

Wondering whether there is a God and if he cares about the people who are suffering so much like Sam the Man a former marine with mental problems and Naomi Peterson who was raped by her father as a child. Reliving the experiences that each person had in the past brought to light a fear in Gabe as to why this was happening, who really caused it and how to control it? But, there is so much more. Metaphysics or hallucinations? Which? Why does he feel the need to prove to the world that he can make buildings disappear as he does during a 9/11 remembrance causing the new Freedom Towers to disappear? Frightening to say the least.

Spencer Perry is powerful. He can enter the mind of others and do the same thing Gabe is now doing. So, why can’t he anymore? Called Father by everyone, you might think he is considered a Priest, Cardinal or even God. Angry, revengeful and more, he rules the Global Government with an iron fist and takes no prisoners. What will happen when he learns about Gabe? Why are his powers unplugged or defused? Unknowingly, whether caused by the book, which has no, print just a title, or the holocube. Gabe and Spencer sharing one half of the power in each one of them. Dividing the power of God. Both men capable of making objects disappear, move, reappear and even entering and controlling the minds of others. Fear instilled by Spencer Perry in government and in the people.

Added to that we have the Movement or the insurgency run by Ravenous Shark and many other groups. Hating what they deem the Godless Government, they get blamed for the disappearance of the towers and hope they do not reap the wrath of the Man. With the Mayor, the President and everyone in government used as his pawn, which knows what will happen when Spencer Perry learns the truth or if those who feels powerless fail him.

Naomi is Gabe’s love interest who has the ability to read minds too. He can enter them. Added to that we have one disconnected and discontented Movement, one man names Spencer or Whitey and finally the Focal Point where everything else exists. Vrum, an alien, has the job of trying to bring Spencer and Gabe together and make one God. But, neither one wants to the job nor wants to be God. Creating a light outside of his window, Gabe sees it but Spencer does not perplexing our mediator. Naomi who pretends to work for a grocery is undercover for the CIAISA: Central Intelligence Agency and International Security Agency. How does she fit into this plot remains to be seen as the universe is in trouble and the rest is truly up to God?

Author Michael Davis takes us on a really unique journey forward in time to a place where poverty reigns, jobs are scarce, the educated poorly employed and the masses living on the street. Not so different from today in many places. But, will God ever return to his normal state and why is he on vacation and who exactly is he? As the author relates the facts we learn that the Focal Point, the Wholly Trinity, The Creator or God is really three different entities: Gabe or Gabrielle is the nurturing mother. Spencer is the stern father and our alien Vrum the reconciler. So, why did he split into two humans quite diverse and definitely unaware of each other and who they are really are? Leave it to humans to want God on their own particular side and need help.

For 30 years the Focal Point has split in half and decided to answer the calling and plead of humans and help them. But, God does not judge, God does not take sides. Humans do and as Gabrielle/Gabe or Spencer he can now make decisions, love, hate, understand greed, trust, envy and other human frailties. One Triune mind: Two people controlling it? One Federation in fear of annihilation if God does not become one in himself and no longer Human or split. A lot to think about and much to consider for not only Gabe and Spencer, but the reader too.

As Gabe and Naomi realize that even with new identities they are still not safe from Moshe, his subconscious and Spencer does not know about Lilith his subconscious, the globe light that shines within his apartment in many places lets him know that what he thinks is behind him is not. What will happen? Will God ever go back to work and finish his vacation?

As Gabrielle connects with Moshe he learns the true meaning of the Universe, his role in it and why Moshe has appeared. He learns how and why he and Spencer became two voices of the Focal Point and why they split. One so kind and caring and different the other stern, greedy and ruling almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with two so diverse personalities yet they are both within everyone.

Gabrielle understands the God Matrix, the various universes and what is real and what is not. Why he would prefer not living alone in his cubicle and why he might or might not want to reunite himself with the other two parts and become Triune Mind or the Focal Point? As our author explains many factors to the character we begin to feel the emotional upheaval faced by not only Gabe but also those close to him.

What will happen at the end and how will it turn out? Only God knows, the author and of course this reviewer once she finished reading this thought provoking and quite unique book about what happens when God just wants to live his own life as a human.

The solution: Either convince them to join as one or get 144,000 members to agree: pray and force them to reunite before chaos, wars, violence, murder and even more occur before all is said and done. Will God become The Creator, The Focal Point and be restored in all of us? Three parts of God: Each connected but disconnected and separated by choice in order to become its own entity or unit. But, remaining here too long and forgetting who he is because humans needed their help and they decided to remain. Everyone has a subconscious whether good or bad that often tells that person what he or she should do or actually can make you feel guilt and hope you do the right thing.

As Moshe, Gabe’s subconscious and Lilith, Spencer’s try to explain the ramifications of their actions, both make choices that you won’t believe and the end result might or might not cause the Universe to permanently disintegrate. Will they reunite or will God remain in three parts will they ever see the light? Greed, violence, hate, free will, tolerance, understanding and hope: Which will reign at the end and which will not? Author Michael Davis gives the reader a chance to take a hard look within yourself to see the fruits of what happens when one man decides to create his own world filled with force, murder and instilling fear to have the ultimate power of God, while the other just wants to exist and be happy and a third neutral wanted to make peace among the three.

Well written and fast paced and very mind provoking: An ending you won’t see coming and a conclusion that will leave you wondering what is next for the Universe and hoping that God comes back from his vacation real soon and is in all of us forever.

Author: Michael Davis
Reviewed By Fran Lewis

  1. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Sounds like my kind of reading Fran. Thanks for your review 😀

  2. Avatar of Fran Lewis
    Fran Lewis says

    You are very welcome. This was a really thought provoking book. I am interviewing the author in November along with John Betcher: A Higher Court. Should be interesting. fran

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