Interview with R.H. Politz about “Love, Lust, and Conspiracy”


R.H. Politz

In this heartwarming sensual novel, Kim, a boy who really wants to be a girl, finally meets someone who accepts and understands him.

Kari is tall and beautiful but, because she is unable to have children, she believes no one could ever possibly want her.

R.H. PolitzTheir love quickly blossoms into days of laughter and nights of erotic excitement until they accidentally disrupt the illicit business of international smugglers. Suddenly, their very lives are at stake.


After speaking at a recent book club meeting I was cornered by Karen, their newsletter reporter, for a one-on-one interview about “Love, Lust, and Conspiracy”. Here’s a partial transcript she sent me of our conversation.

Karen: RH, a lot of our members couldn’t be here today and I know they’ll want to read how you created such a uniquely entertaining story. You mentioned it was from real people and real events so tell me, who are the people upon whom you based “Love, Lust, and Conspiracy”?

RH: No, no, no, can’t do that. I promised I would never identify them so all I can say is that they are both as genuine and beautiful as described in my book. But don’t forget, this is a work of fiction.

Karen: That’s disappointing but okay, fair enough. I see you’ve written thrillers, adventure, and many technical genres so why did you now choose to write this erotic romance?

RH: Well, this story includes some very real and serious personal problems that no one ever wants to talk about. Kim was mentally a girl in a boy’s body and Kari could never bear children. They both felt defective and believed no one could ever truly love or even accept them.

Interview with R.H. PolitzI think everyone wants love on some level and, in this case, they were lucky. They found each other. If you could have ever just seen them together, how they treat each other, the way they look at each other and hold each other, your heart would melt and you’d envy two gorgeous people deeply in love. Theirs is a beautiful story and to tell it was a work of joy.

Karen: Ha, well, judging from all the member comments today, it must have been. Between what you wrote and the way you spoke about it today, I think you mesmerized everyone in here. How did you get to know them so well, I mean, the passion, the love, that kidnapping scene, even to the point of describing their sexual encounters in such detail?

RH: (Laughing) I rather suspected you’d ask about the sex sooner or later. It was a bit kinky in spots.

Karen: Of course. That’s what everyone was asking me to grill you on. They want to know how you ever came up with such unusual ideas. Were you ever intimate with one of them or both?

RH: Personal questions huh? Okay. Well, I met Kari just as I described in the book and she did walk into that room. And she was head and shoulders above the crowd in a slinky black dress and I think everyone’s breath stopped for a second when they saw her.

Karen: Wow! So, what are you saying? Are you the real Kimmy?

RH: No, but I did date Kari for a while and we kept in touch afterward.

Karen: So some of those things you wrote in the story, “I like to be the boy,” were those quotes. I mean did she really say those things?

RH: Yes she did.

Karen: Then, if she was so gorgeous and sensual, why did you two stop dating?

RH: My work at the time took me away and I wouldn’t ask her to wait knowing I might never get back.

Karen: Why would you never get back? Was your work dangerous or something?

RH: That’s a totally different subject so let’s stick to the book. Okay?

Karen: Okay. Sorry. Are Kim and Kari still together and will there be a sequel? You’ve certainly captured the interest of a lot of readers and they’ll want to know.

RH: Yup! They’re still together and still madly in love but I think the readers will determine if there’s a sequel or not. Guess it depends on how many people want to know what happened after…, well, after the end of the book. Can’t give away future secrets now can I?

Karen: No, but you could tell me a little more about the bad guys. Was that fiction or real?

RH: There really were some bad guys as you call them although, I did change locations and details to fit the storyline. Unfortunately today, you can take down hundreds of bad guys and thousands more are ready to take their place. I’m happy we have some very good people in various agencies working to protect us.

Karen: What agencies…, and does Kari really own a spa called Euphoria in New York?

RH: See…? You’re still trying to find out who the real people are. I changed a lot of identifiable facts to protect them. Nice try though.

Karen: Ha, Okay. In the book, you had Kim, or Kimmy, taking female hormones. How far did he, or she, really get? I mean, the real Kimmy. Did she have sex reassignment surgery?

RH: If I write a sequel, I’ll certainly include what happened but, if you saw the real Kimmy today, you’d think you’d just met an amazingly beautiful female movie star. And, I think, the same goes for the real Kari. They’re both gorgeous and extremely likable.

Karen: They sound wonderful and I wish we had more time because I want to really grill you about those incredible sex scenes.

RH: Well, I’m glad you and, I guess, everyone here enjoyed them but, if you think about it, “Love, Lust and Conspiracy” is really about that deep passionate love we all wish we had.

NOTE: Karen’s newsletter is only for the members (all ladies) of her book club and, as such, has a very small circulation so I’m sure no major publicity will result.

They’re a very friendly group and it was fun to talk about how “Love, Lust and Conspiracy” came to be and even more fun to verbally spar with an inquisitive reporter about who the real people are. I wish I had the time to do this more often but, alas…. Maybe again sometime.

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