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We are a general-interest publication offering inspiring essays and short stories, satire, social issues, humor, but also analysis and commentary on politics, news, psychology, philosophy, culture, and the arts.

Apart from being a powerful marketing tool for authors and publishers, Angie’s Diary is a launchpad for new writing talent. Its literary signature and humorous take on contemporary issues inspire our loyal readers, as well our expanding community of talented copywriters and essayists.

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On the one hand, we bring real-world authors, editors, literary agents, and publishers together, while on the other, we create self-publishing opportunities and book promotions for our Premium and PRO members.

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Affiliated literary agents and publishers, hungry for new talent and eager to find the writers in the niche of their interest, regularly explore the latest publications on Angie’s Diary.

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Worldwide, out of every family, emerges at least one aspiring writer! The question is: ‘Who reads your work,’ and more importantly, ‘Who becomes a bestselling author?’

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angie-headAbout Angelica Pastorelli (Angie)
CEO, co-founder, and editor-in-chief

Since 2008, Angie has been running this online literary magazine and guest blog, which has become her ultimate passion. Angie’s love for the written word has made her embrace the literary community and many a brilliant and talented writer, whom today she’s proud to call her friend.

You are invited to bring your passion & expertise to this magazine, join our expanding pool of gifted copywriters and guest posters. Start posting your best material now.

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