When I Think Back in Time


When I Think Back in Time

When I Think Back in Time

Who made up the word family and why
Well in the Bible
It says we should save ourselves
Could that be why sometimes families melt

When I think back in time
When families stayed together even mine
Was it because of the times
Or maybe it was their minds

Now I’m not one to slow walk and talk
But it’s clear things have changed
Or haven’t been taught the same
Some were down the timeline game

I remember when kids were kids
And adults were adults
And being disrespectful
You got smacked or hit with a belt

I remember when Sunday dinner
Was a must and everybody was
Your cousin, aunt, or uncle
While growing up

Well, I remember if I have
Then you have
And saying know wasn’t part
Of the family routine or plan

Whatever happens to hand me down clothes
And fighting with just blows
And sticking together
Like brothers and sisters suppose

Do you think that were just lost
Because some never taught
The family code
To the new generations of course

Maybe it’s just the sign of the times
And your family sounds just like mine
Don’t you wish you could rewind the times
Cause a lot of people today just don’t have the right mind.

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