Memories of Love


Dream with me –

become part of my world,
hold my hand, and share with me
collected memories of love.

Nature speaks in silent words
trees cling together
limbs covered in ice
magical, alive
a paramount to nature

each year I search a familiar brook,
a mountain top –
a current or a stream,
unending as our love –
we embrace – trees cling 
with frozen snow our
limbs bare.

Sunshine peeks through
branches, snow sparkles
as it gives way to nature, rocks –
gather upon earth moved by a stream

water flows, unending – building, creating
jagged lines, disturbing earth to
create a spot deeper, deeper
in the woods.

Now, I stroll along paths where we
shared our love – so deep inside
a forest you greeted me – a familiar
brook where we became part of nature
sharing earth – skin glistened as leaves
in sunshine.

Our love – unending – then distance caused
us to part, but will not detour – love,
draw us apart – hear the love
among shadows – on top of a mountain,
and remember melting together to become one.

Safe among the trees,
our limbs frozen as leaves on a tree –
no feeling on bare skin –
sky of blue – high among towering
trees and below  – a stream
trickles from snow melting
to make way for ice –
for snow – for love.

Part Two

I made private plans with nature
to share my world with you,
so far away – love – as nature –
continues as seasons cause
water and forces rapids from
the mountain’s top –

I share my thoughts
among the trees,
of you, and I – alone,
embrace thoughts of winter snow –
a stream never ends,
it grows stronger – as love,
while we clutch one another as
a tree limb finds a warmer sun – 
creating life – in our forest.

So let me share with you,
walk with me among the forest –
our path where we shall meet once more,
its end, when I no longer dream
in winter white – when I melt in
springtime by the power of

When leaves no longer spring to
life – then, and only then, our time

Nancy Duci Denofio

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