What is Wrinkle Repair?


Wrinkle Repair

Wrinkle Repair

Well, for me it isn’t a knife – I want to age gracefully and I still want to look good enough so I can smile, feel good about myself, and keep my self-esteem.

I also want to remain who I am no matter how old I am, but without drastic attempts to remain how I was when I turned thirty. Although thirty was pretty good, forty was great, and fifty wasn’t bad either.

I have to admit I was a sun worshiper with the whole nine yards – the oil and iodine, pools, oceans, trips to the shore – best tanning beds, tanning lotions, bronzers on top of that – until one day I learned this isn’t good. I looked into the mirror and said I have to do something; something has to make this go away gently and not drastically – because there isn’t a knife in this world that will cut this skin and pull anything back and change what comes naturally.

I woke up one day and made a commitment – I will learn everything there is to fix the problem, stick to it, and I will look better, but not twenty years younger, but better. I did not want surgery, but I would help myself to fix what I did wrong in the first place, catch up to those who knew better.

We all know plastic surgery doesn’t last forever, sort of like our own skin, but, unfortunately, some plastic surgery doesn’t look like yourself, and it makes the world know you are not you, any longer. That’s not me. The mirror, mirror on the wall spills the beans. So, I picked up every piece of material there was and studied it, I did the damage, I will fix it.

One of the best plastic surgeons in the world said, “You will never be twenty years old again, or take twenty years off your face, but you can repair a few wrinkles here and there…” (Plastic Surgeon – Mount Sinai School of Medicine. N.Y. – Geoffrey Tobias M.D.)

Vitamin A is known as the Wrinkle Smoother – known for the skin by prescription only as Retin-A. A few GOT TO KNOW TIPS here for everyone – although you can buy products over the counter which state that they contain Retin-A don’t think they will do any good for you – you aren’t going to benefit as you would with a Retin-A prescription from a doctor. The ingredients are far from the same. There is not one product on the market that matches up with the original Retin-A.

You must have a doctor’s prescription to benefit from the product – and fill it at the drug store and/or purchase it at the office. Most doctors keep a supply on hand at the office. Everything that you read is just a look-alike, and they claim to be just as good. No, they are not according to the experts, go out yourself, ask any dermatologists, and see for yourself. The cost is probably cheaper for the real thing, I know the cost for some of the over-the-counter products is much more expensive. Do your research.

Prescription Peels are another step to get rid of those light wrinkles before they deepen, and you get older – before you start the first steps in part one of the skincare – trip – “It’s a shadow, not a wrinkle…” You see peels come in many different levels depending on the type of skin you have, and a professional dermatologist can tell you upfront what your type is. It is best to start slowly and find out for sure.

They usually come in a step-by-step delivery system. Meaning, you are given one, you wait, return, and they check you out, and time when the second one should be given – I have seen the results, and your skin won’t seem like your own. It sure beats the knife – and Retin-A – given to you in increments – .05 at the lowest and working up – to see what your skin tolerates, is the best way – eventually, you can use it nightly, without lotion, and it will be your one and only night cream unless you have dry skin.

The cost of Retin-A and Peels are no more than your monthly trips to the stores to try out this and that and never satisfied with the results.

The deeper the peel, the more cautious I would be – due to the fact this is only offered to those with extremely damaged skin, leathery skin, and the person receiving these deep peels should be monitored. All the information on each peel is many, can be found at a dermatologist’s office.

The entire change of one’s skin is due to the miracle of Retin-A, making it smoother and creating fewer lines due to the makeup of the prescription, and is dedicated to its’ use.  It was first used for severe Acne, and patients found tighter skin, less acne and since then it has been used for anti-aging.

Retin-A comes in various strengths, and it’s up to your doctor to know where you should be starting and ending…

I guess while reading the pamphlets the only other suggestion a doctor may have for someone with very deep wrinkles is fillers, without the knife… but, unfortunately, these do not last forever, perhaps a year if you are lucky. If you have the money, it might be something you may want to try – especially if you are so hung up on what you look like it keeps you inside – heaven forbid that would make you a hermit!

Life is too wonderful to worry about being closed up because of getting older – so check it out – what you pay at a department store isn’t much more than what your doctor will charge you, especially for the cream and lotions… even a lunchtime peel costs next to nothing to brighten your skin. So enjoy, it’s like getting a mother’s day present these days and smiling, you did something for yourself.

  1. Avatar of Eileen Browne
    Eileen Browne says

    Great tips!
    Thanks Nancy. Much obliged. I’ll be following you from here on.

  2. Avatar of K
    K says

    I admire you, Nancy! Not only for how you take this whole aging thing and the awesome way you see it, but also for sharing this! What an inspiration. 😉 I love it. I feel like your article is a positive encouragement to people to be at peace with themselves, even while still trying, but not going to the extremes and changing who they are. I like how you described plastic surgery as changing you, and I tend to feel about the same way. I don’t want to *change* me. There is a big difference in making improvements for your own confidence or health and completely changing yourself, like plastic surgery does.

    I had no idea about about there being such a drastic difference in the prescription Retin-A and OTC ones. That’s interesting. I can tell you favor the Retin-A products that come from a doctor visit, but would you happen to know what the difference in ingredients is between the two products? Everywhere I look, I see some kind of Retin-A product being recommended for virtually every skin condition. Perhaps I do need to look into the stuff! 🙂 I haven’t checked on the safety of it, or anything, but now you have piqued my interest, so I will have to go on a hunt to find out what the different ingredients are between the prescription ones and OTC ones and if it would be safe enough that I’d feel comfortable using it on my skin. I would love to take care of a few acne scars in a quick time frame! That would be so pleasant! 🙂

    Oh, as for the peels… Yikes! I’ve always felt a bit hesitant about those because even the “gentle” peels I’ve used from drugstores and such have wound up damaging my skin. That leathery texture you spoke of, been there, done that! A lot. It’s such a pain because it looks crazy and it takes so long to heal and be back to normal. You have to deal with those large flakes, too as the skin heals. I hate that. I have worked really hard on my skin for years, and have experienced a lot of dryness to the point of it being flak-y and leather-like at times. It’s always a “mask” or “peel” that gives me the leathery effect. My skin must be more drying than most or something. On the other hand, I have been able to use many organic/natural ingredient-based peels and masks forever without problems.

    Thanks for the informative piece! I will be looking into this stuff now. 😉

  3. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Thanks for the wonderful reply, sorry to have taken so long for a reply. What I wanted to add – Yes I do say get the real stuff – the Retin-A from the doctor. What you are paying for over the counter is MORE in PRICE and it does less. All you really need is Retin-a for your skin, maybe every three days, and a pea size, with some nice moisture cream, one for night and day, after the retin-A sinks in… which BTW costs about 60.00 and lasts months… and the OTC costs about 125.00 and lasts less time and does less. You can buy the moisturizer OTC because the Retin-A is doing the job. This will get rid of acne, it will get rid of those small wrinkles, around the eyes, mouth, even those starting on the cheeks. You have to be persistent. Another thing. I did something horrible and it ended up I gave myself my own peel. LOL. I was taking Cipro, for an infection and using Retin-A. Well, by the time I realized it I stopped the Retin-A and I looked as if I had a peel, and presto, four days later, without Retin-A I started to slowly – gently – in small circles, rub my face to rid it of the peeling – and presto – the best peel but it was hold my breath all the way until the last bit of skin came off. But let me tell you, I never had a peel so perfect. This was all by accident. BTW once I did have a peel, it did not work on my skin, I asked for them to stop and applied the money to products. So I guess we are all different, but I swear, every doctor who knows his stuff will tell you all you need is Retin-A and it is FDA approved. Sincerely, Nancy

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