It’s a Shadow, Not a Wrinkle


Not a Wrinkle

It’s a Shadow, Not a Wrinkle

Recently I heard this statement and thought twice knowing a shadow would make a dark line and could give the illusion of a wrinkle but a wrinkle is a wrinkle with no if’s and’s or but’s.

Sure, a hat can remove a shadow from your face and give you a younger appearance in the raging sun, but it cannot erase or improve your face in general.

You must know the right things to do to improve what you have – a hat day in and day out would be a strange way to improve your skin.

Women when they reach forty are beginning to see some signs of age, usually around their eyes, and if they smoked around their mouth. If you grew up during the sun-worshipping age of oil and iodine – all-day tanning sessions you probably noticed some sun damage before the age of forty.

So let’s take a quick look at the important things to stop immediately, no matter how old you are; young, middle age, and even fifty or sixty plus. It is never too late to improve your skin.

Six Things First!


Purchase a broad-spectrum sunscreen containing titanium dioxide that contains fine particles which cling to the skin and resist washing off, several Doctors have recommended brands, which you can find over the counter.

Ask your pharmacists. If you have been relying on makeup to do the trick, it doesn’t work. The SPF in makeup is far too low. Once they said, an SPF of 15 was high enough, now it is wrong – SPF of 30 or higher is recommended year-round.

Most dermatologists will tell you to get the highest number you can buy over the counter. Don’t forget to protect your eyes from UV Radiation with wraparound sunglasses – and use vaseline on your lips both at night to prevent dry cracking lips, and in the sun.


Dress for the sunshine with thin material so that you are not hot but you are not burning. Never wear black to sit out in the sun – a light knit will protect you from the sun’s damaging effect.


And this should be the first thing on the list, quit smoking – it will stop those nasty lines, which began to form the day you started puckering up those lips.


Sleep not on your belly but on your back. Imagine, you are on your belly and all those chubby cheeks are falling forward and creasing, lying there in that pillow for eight hours. Get into a routine to sleep on your back. I know several people who sleep on their back and their skin looks perfect, as it falls backward for eight hours, never falling into this awkward position. Don’t believe the old wives’ tale that a satin pillowcase means beautiful skin.


Feed your face like you feed your body. We have all heard about fruits, vegetables, and grains. The same holds true for the face as it does for the body. Researchers have told us for years that vitamin E is great for the face, and I have to say vitamin E, according to dermatologists I have spoken with is outstanding for the face. I have friends that have used vitamin E, and their faces are as smooth as a baby behind. 400 IU of vitamin E seems to be the recommended amount along with 100 micrograms of selenium. Check with your own doctor first, never do anything without your doctor’s approval.


Never, ever jump around and then do the same thing for your face – that old fashion opening of the mouth, jaw, blowing out air, blowing up of the cheeks, etc., etc. never do this!!! I can’t emphasize this enough. By doing this, you are wrinkling your face even more; think of the person smoking, or frowning, squinting, they end up with more wrinkles.

This is what you are doing to your skin when you perform exercises with your facial muscles. Never exercise those muscles – an honest-to-goodness tip.

Now that you know what to do for your face on a general day-to-day basis you have to know how to take care of your face on that same basic know-how.

Continued: What is Wrinkle Repair?

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