Vladimir Putin as Guest on Old Jerry Springer Episode


Putin as Guest

Putin as Guest

In the early 1990s, the Old Soviet Union collapsed. But before it imploded, those close to the Kremlin looted billions and billions of dollars from the treasury.

These profiteers are now known as the Russian Oligarchs. For a long time, it was known that the Oligarchs then laundered the money in Cyprus.  In 2012–2013 there was a Cypriot financial crisis. To prevent a Cyprus default that would lead to a world economical crash, the Cyprus authorities seized the assets of those who had a surplus of money.

Essentially, everyone who had more money than most took the hit in the bank account, including those infamous Russian Oligarchs.  For the record, no one knows how many Oligarchs do exist. Perhaps there are thirty Oligarchs or more. Someone did take a haircut in that Cypriot financial fiasco. Yes, but the rich are clever and vindictive, or so I read from a quote from Robertson Davies Fifth Business.

The Oligarchs have no plans on going to the local employment center to seek stable employment. They got the dirt on Russian President Vladimir Putin by viewing an old Jerry Springer episode, showing a young Vladimir Putin as a guest panelist, exuding whatever is normal.

These kitschy American talk shows! Jerry Springer’s Canadian Talk Show opposite would be George Stroumboulopoulos, who is known to engage in a pedagogical lefty sermon to his sect of believers, or so he believes. Strombo, as he is called, has no comedy talent at all and would nauseate the most sensitive of viewers, causing them to vomit out their innards. Strombo always interviews anybody famous from the United States, or Canadian politicians who got their memoirs published, blatantly ignoring the endless amount of print on demand authors who submit their books to him through snail mail.

The Canadian corporate media, including the newspaper syndicates, all promote an inferiority complex to their readership. For the record, everyone knows political memoirs are part of the graft involved in the world of politics. Such books are always written by assistants. I could go on and on but the readership in this blog would accuse me of losing myself in an online rant.

Anyhow, the Oligarchs have the video with a future Russian President Vladimir Putin as a guest panelist on Jerry Springer. I believe the Oligarchs threatened to expose the dirt on Putin, forcing the annexation of Crimea and seizure of Ukraine’s strategic pipeline route. This violated every law imaginable. Russia’s first order of business was to give Ukraine six months of oil supply and sell the black gold to China, earning Putin and the Oligarchs 500 billion dollars.

Remember, these Oligarchs want their money back. Then a deal with Iran occurred. I am not making this up. Connect the dots! One must remember one thing. All those breakaway Republics from the Old Soviet Union want to be in the EU. Ukraine can’t. However, the others will make their way into the EU, regardless.

For now, the Oligarchs have their money and promise of more oil deals. Unknown to everyone, once Putin is gone; the entire country of Russia will dissolve into the EU, regardless. The Russian Oligarchs still face a future of being War Criminals. Why? Everyone wants freedom. Ukraine is Putin’s last stand and Russia’s false return to past glories. The Oligarchs have won for now. If I am wrong, there will be a nuclear war. I hope that the last moment can be a Jerry Springer final thought.

Check out the clip here.

  1. Avatar of Marguerite Natacha
    Marguerite Natacha says

    Unknown to everyone, once Putin is gone; the entire country of Russia will dissolve into the EU, regardless.— What a dreamer :-))) That will never ever happen even in you dream. It could be in 90s, but now, never. I live in Russia for 18 years already and it was really a time when Russians liked Europe and Amerca and “wanted to be there and like them”. That time is gone, forever and the actual sanctions dont help at all.

    So you can contiinue to dream 🙂

  2. Avatar of Ninok (@Maat_0325)
    Ninok (@Maat_0325) says

    Marguerite Natacha – is typical person which called in russian: “vata” (wadding), because she has not any brain in her head, only wadding instead of. She is one of the 86% of Putin’s electorate.

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