Outcome of Plunder into Oblivion


Outcome of Plunder

Outcome of Plunder

On so many occasions we have attempted to put into words, the wretched torture love has inflicted upon the heart, and even the depths of many souls.

Is it perhaps the utterances that are of feeling complete devastation, hopelessness, and angst of the human spirit are ones not meant to be expressed? If we could fully comprehend our misery, would it not allow the healing to begin at a quicker rate?

That’s exactly it; it would make recovery from a broken heart too easy. You see, love would then have to be put into the same categories as other emotions; such as joy, sadness, and anger; when in truth, love is incomparable. Love cannot be matched when it comes to the impact it can etch into the human heart, thus leaving it with scars lasting a lifetime.

Love does not even have a rival. The only way to overcome the power of love is to succumb to it; or to completely die, inside and out.

So there you have it. What is there left for one to do other than just accept that love has them in its clutches and they cannot force it to leave them alone. Does that mean your pain may never be alleviated? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, it seems many are doomed to suffer in what was once thought to be the greatest treasure of all, love. In conclusion, do not ever underestimate the power of love and if you haven’t found love, know that it is very real.

However, it is the most terrible, gut-wrenching, and heart pulverizing, yet at the same time, the gentlest, most genuine, amazingly breathtaking and endlessly surprising, and soothing feeling some have felt and will, without a doubt, ever feel.

How is this possible? It isn’t. Nor does it have to be. It’s Love. Love makes its own rules. Love isn’t fair, never has been and probably never will be. Love will always defeat even the coldest of souls and darkest of hearts. It will render the least expected victim helpless and incapacitated forever.

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    Thanks for sharing those thoughts and feelings about love. “Is it better to love and lost, then never loved at all?” Shakespeare said. I’d always say yes, regardless of any pain involved.

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