Slaving Away on Content that Instantly Slips into Oblivion?

Why Should You Care About Online Authority?


Why Should You Care About Content and Online Authority?

Millions of faceless web writers are slaving away on content that, upon completion, instantly slips into oblivion. They spend a vital part of each day promoting their work, while desperately trying to get read.

content, Slaving Away on Content that Instantly Slips into Oblivion?Reminiscing if their efforts are worthwhile, they may even have forgotten how they initially envisioned their writing career.

We understand that anonymity sucks big-time. The latest changes in Google’s search algorithms (Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird) created the end of an era in which Google allowed meager content and spam to run amok on the Internet.

Over the past few years, Google has embraced an intricate strategy called Author Rank. This ranking can help you build your online authority using Google as an essential tool.

The number of comments to your posts you receive is not just for your content but for you, the writer, and your authority grows in the process.

Tips on how to grow your online authority

① Build trust with your audience by caring genuinely for them and the quality of your writing.
② Avoid the evident and redundant or often used content while doing in-depth research for your article.
 Build your authority in general, and on the Social Networks specifically, by writing original content for humans, not machines.
④ Interact with your readers and comment on the work of fellow writers truthfully and correctly.
 Become a great writer, writing outstanding articles that your readers will want to link to. And don’t fret over spending a ridiculous amount of time on secondary details.
⑥ If you are a registered user of this magazine, create a substantial biography on your profile page, including avatar (Gravatar or profile picture) and the kind of content you’ll share. Don’t forget to enter your website and Social Networks info!

Consider this the first significant upgrade to your online authority.

  1. Branka Cubrilo says

    This is a good article, with some good advice, but, honestly, one has to be an expert in IT to follow sometimes complicated procedures in attempt to widen readership. When it comes to social media, I found it often a pure waste of time, for if you are a ‘serious’ writer, one that spends time on the quality of the written word (regardless if that’d be a novel or an essay), one doesn’t have much time to spend online figuring out ‘how’s of IT workings’ or waste time on social media. I see it as waste of time, as if you are a writer you don’t have much time to figure that all out.
    Your article is great, and you offered good advice but time-wise and technical terms and knowledge is not that a writer can often afford (to have or to fully understand).

  2. Bartemans says

    Thank you for reading this, Branka.

    You are absolutely right about the daunting aspects of establishing an online authority.

    However, I’ve noticed that your articles have a broad reader-base in the LinkedIn groups, resulting in more than average views for your stories and articles. This is apparently something you must spend some time on, right?

    If our regular content contributors would only put their Google+ URL on their AD profile page, they would already have made a significant step towards building online authority.

    Having said that, I took the liberty of adding your G+ URL to your profile 🙂

    All my best,

  3. Branka Cubrilo says

    Thanks Bart, but troubles start right there – in those letters and pluses.
    First, I know people read me a lot as I am writing for another literary site, and the fellow-writer who runs the (by the way fantastic!) magazine told me that since I have joined that the traffic doubled up on his site (it was already very high in daily hits but he said it literally doubled, which is a good indication for me!) I think on Angie’s I am as well quite well read, let’s say.
    But, I don’t know really much about social media, I post my stories and they are read. I don’t even know that I have G+ plus, I think that I have forgotten the password (who can keep the track of all those passwords). Taking liberty of adding my G+ URL to my profile sounds good, in terms that I know that you’ve done something quite generous, probably very kind gesture, but I DON’T HAVE A CLUE what that is that you’ve just performed with those letters and pluses 🙁 Thanks by all means for your technical support!
    All best,

  4. Robert Politz says

    Great (and up to date) advice Bart!

    “A great product with poor promotion will fail. A poor product with great promotion will succeed.” So it has been said and proven to be true many times over the decades.

    “Success” however, is reaching one’s goals and such goals can be quite varied and different. I wrote one of my books (After 2012) for the specific purpose of a literacy project for grammar school students. The first version was tested by a sixth grade class and resulted in the second edited version. That second version was then used by the entire school district as part of the syllabus. So I reached my goal…, Success. Retail sales were few, only about 2,000. But that was actually an afterthought.

    If your goal is to create a following, a “brand” for your author name within the internet community, then you must think of every place you exist on the internet as a way for people to find you and see your work. Bart’s advice in that arena seems to me to be excellent for today’s “cloud”.

  5. Paula Boer says

    Hi Bart, Thank you for the great advice. I know I have a G+1 account, but have no idea what or how to add that to my AG profile. Please can you email me more specific help, or post an article on that. Many thanks :-).

  6. Bartemans says

    Hey, Paula,

    It’s very simple.
    In your case I Googled ‘G+ Paula Boer,’ and the top result was your URL:

    I already put it in your profile, as you were so kind to read and comment 🙂


  7. Paula Boer says

    Thanks Bart! If only all online media was so simple. Maybe it is, and I just don’t know about it ;-).

  8. Andrew J. Sacks says

    Fine and savvy advice, Bart. We thank you!

  9. Craig Murray says

    Very interesting, thank you for sharing this.

  10. Andy Bachman says

    Essential piece of information – thanks for sharing.

  11. Daphne Shapiro says

    Great piece. Right on the nose.

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