Writing in Quarantine Can be Exactly the Push You Need

7 Opportunities to Consider When in Isolation


Writing in Quarantine

Writing in Quarantine

To some people, writing is probably a community thing. They like it when they sit around with others and just use the discomfort around as motivation to write.

As a writer, you may feel that sometimes it can get lonely and would rather spend some time next to a noisy person doing your thing. Maybe it is time for you to rethink this philosophy. Perhaps even take a step back and think about writing in isolation. You may wonder, why bring this up when most of your good copies were pieces done in co-working spaces and the company of other people. Well, there are multiple reasons why isolation can be right for you. Just take a look.

1. The Chance to Speak Your Heart

One of the ways of appealing to your readers is through emotions. These are things you feel when we are by yourself or in the company of somebody else. If you need to connect with your reader, then you need to figure this out yourself. The reason is that when you are in the company of some people, and you are writing, there is a temptation to ask the other person about what they think of your idea.

The truth is that your reaction to things may be different from that of others. Whatever this person may tell you may just not be the way you feel. Your reader can quickly tell that whatever you write comes from your deepest core. What this does to you is that it gives you some sort of satisfaction that you have spoken your heart to the reader.

2. Affirms Belief in Yourself As a Writer

Every writer has a choice of words. As a writer, you want to use those words to portray that you are good at something. This fact does not change even when you and a colleague copywriter went to the same school and studied the same things.

Automatically, as a human being, you start developing a liking for different aspects of your field. You develop different beliefs, make critical observations, and arrive at fundamental generalizations. If you write in a community, you find yourself seeking approval for everything you believe in. Isolation writing allows you to tell it as it is, the way you think of it. Furthermore, it shows that you believe in yourself as a writer.

3. A Solo Moment Can be Your Eureka Moment

The very original ideas today across the world came from people who thought in isolation. Steve Jobs wanted to make it simple for anyone to operate a PC or mobile device even after acquiring gadgets not a long while ago. Colonel Sanders was in isolation when he thought of starting a door-to-door chicken business today, a world fast-food enterprise, KFC.

The same can apply to a writer. You do not need the noise to express what you feel in writing and develop a new idea after people throw ideas at you. You need to demonstrate originality in your ideas, sit down at any time of the day, and let the ideas leave your mind until you get it right with your writing. Everybody is looking for that Eureka moment, you have tried to get it in the community, why not figure it out alone this time.

4. Writing Time is Sacred

You may not be doing it for yourself but for someone else. You have deadlines, and you need that moment of peace to churn out ideas without distraction. The moving chairs, the mumbling colleagues, the pressing of keyboards around you, and people saying write this, write that can sometimes waste your time. If writing is special to you, create a space for it to thrive and for you to feel comfortable when doing it. Remember, whether the copy is for marketing or a book, writing is a creative thing. You deserve to enjoy the moment of free writing. Later, you can edit, but until then, let it come from within yourself.

You probably may wonder how all this time you have been writing in the community has felt good. The truth is that eventually, you may get tired of community writing. The shift to writing in isolation can be nasty, but you can make the best out of it by adopting a number of practices.

5. Write on Holiday Alone

Think how many times you write for those big corporations, and sometimes the sizzle just keeps fading. You have the ideas, but you just do not seem to get the inspiration. The big question is, why do you get paid? And do you need to continue to get paid for your work? With all the excellent work ethic, leave the community and take a trip out of town. Carry all your work with you and just do it from wherever you are. Many places can inspire your writing today. You just need to figure which one will rekindle the spark for you.

6. Creating a Solo Writing Space

You need to accept the fact that you can do it on your own by creating an independent place of work. Make the room as resourceful as possible so that you do not feel inadequacies in the room. Think of yourself as a leader to a one-person team and what you would want to be in that office space. The room that can help you achieve the writing in isolation mindset you need. If you need some noise around you, then have some music system around you. If you need food, source some healthy snacks and beverages and have them there.

7. Meditate

If you have issues with coming up with some fresh ideas, then you could use some relaxation. The noise must have been a boost for you, but why not try a silent space or free-thinking. Once your nerves are calm, you can apply idea generation methods such as listing, mind mapping, and brainstorming to create unique ideas.

Starting to believe you can do your writing in isolation is a good step in the right direction. It means you can write anytime, anywhere, and anything. It can be a moment of self-evaluation and self-development. Try it and see how it goes for you.

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