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Writers Need an Outfit

Writers Need an Outfit

I think we writers need an outfit, you know, like a uniform. So that when people look at us, they’ll know that we’re writers.

It would be part of our branding. And it would show that we have an appreciation for marketing strategy and the importance of identity and perception.

It would make us look cool. And make young people want to be writers so they could wear great outfits.

If I say the word, ‘cowboy’, a picture pops into your mind. The same is true for professions like fireman, doctor…even soccer mom.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if the same were true for ‘writer’ or author’? We could all wear black, or white (we’re the good guys after all).

Then romance writers could add flowery scarves as an accessory. Thriller writers could wear watch caps. Non-fiction writers could wear shiny ties and big shoulder pads like anchormen. You get the picture.

I’m only half kidding.

The subject of this posting comes from a song by the Smothers Brothers.

It’s a takeoff on another song. And although I couldn’t find a video of Tommy and Dick singing their version, here’s a YouTube video of someone else doing a pretty fair rendition of it.

“If you get an outfit, you can be a writer too.”

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