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Write or Play? That Used to be the Question

Write or Play

To Write or To Play? That used to be the question. Now you can do both at the same time. Introducing a brand new way of competitive writing.

Angie’s Diary presents a unique and brand-new way of competitive writing, based on the Prize Pool concept.

The positive feedback we received on our previous (2013) Short Story Writing Contest,  encouraged and challenged us to develop a completely new concept in competitive writing.

Over the past few months, this effort culminated into our Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall competitions, our new quarterly writing contests that incorporate the so-called Prize Pool concept.

In a Prize Pool, the cumulative amount of prize monies is paid by all participants in the competition by way of entry fees. As a result, your chances to win a prize are much higher than in conventional contests.

An increasing number of story entries will translate proportionately into more Prizes for contestants. (Check out our prize distribution examples here.)

Having decided to steer clear of conceivably shady practices and factors of influence beyond the perception of participants – like using judges and rating systems unknown to the public – we opted for total transparency:  The contestants themselves vote and decide who the winners in the Prize Pool will be!

Skeptics might oppose this concept because of various reasons, arguing this might only be of interest to the younger, inexperienced writer. But we prefer to believe that writers of all demographics and levels of experience stand to benefit from massive exposure and honing their writing skills while earning cash money in the process.

We see this newest addition to Angie’s Diary as another brick in the wall of our online authority, as we continue to create ways and services to make our ever-expanding community of loyal readers, and professional and aspiring writers, the best online alternative.

Do you feel challenged and think you’ve got what it takes?
Check it out and participate now for only U.S. $ 14.95 per story!

Good Luck!
Angie & Co.


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