Without ‘Please’


Three oranges,

Three candles: red, white and a black one,
The letter there, in the middle,
From Pablo of Andalucia…
A knife…
With a long, smiley blade

A rainy day…
Horizons in the past and
Stiff bread-roll halved for you
In case you came back
Hungry …
Like a hungry wolf

And the shiny blade

I am begging it
I am begging my memories and the rain
I would never beg you
What do you know about forgiveness?
Blade naked,
Lip dripping and the blood
As a rain
Warm and
Perhaps, welcomed, on the secret page
Where password never was given
Don’t remind me
Don’t ask me to put ‘please’ in my sentences
I cut out those ‘please’ with the bleeding blade
Forgive yourself
Eat oranges, one by one,
Blow out candles, and the black one too

Blow the wind from the source of your coolness
In your heart.
Don’t let her hear it!
Don’t! (without ‘please’) just – Don’t!

Sydney 15/June 2011

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