Unsold Stories Writing Competition


Unsold Stories Writing Competition

Imagine having the opportunity to see what is behind the scenes, which does not have to be always an ugly truth!

Imagine seeing the cause behind each sort of beauty created by an artist, and knowing the real endeavor and motives?

Unsold Stories Writing CompetitionUnderground artists have proven their exceptional existence in the various realms of art. Against all odds, with the lack of monetary support, future promises, and in some places against political obstacles, they managed to perfect the art of reflecting their internal mind vision.

Thus underground artists are not only gifted artists, but they have emotional, business and planning skills. Whomever the readers of their personal stories are, they will surely be highly inspired, nourished, and thus moved towards the “greater good.”

Rowayat Literary Journal and The Forgotten Writers Foundation are honored to collaborate together to launch the “Unsold Stories” writing competition to support underground artists reveal their stories.

Capitalism has been a dominant fact in our professional and social life, and it is growing further. This monetary dominance affected the morals, goals, and feelings of people.

It also affected the Art industry widely and created a concept of ‘capitalism in art’ so we find certain books, concerts, and movies targeting certain social classes, and certain mental audiences.

As an example, the publishing industries either search for the idea that will sell more or leave the artist carrying the expenses of the entire production alone, rather than adding a new valuable piece in the world of art and knowledge…

The idea of the competition is to write a short story ranging from 1500 to 5000 words about an artist who tends to be concerned about making a difference, delivering a new message, expressing new feelings, and inspiring people, rather than one who is concerned about making profit and fame.

This artist could be a writer, painter, photographer, actor, dancer, singer, director, entrepreneur…etc.

Rowayat offers the 1st winner EGP 2500 monetary prize and his/her winning story will be published in the third Issue of Rowayat, published on Jan 25th 2015. The four runner-ups will be published online on the Rowayat website.

1st Panel Jury Members:
Gintare Laurinaviciute (Lithuania), Keith Borg (Malta), Elizabeth Mastrangelo (USA), & Mahmoud Mansi (Egypt).

Detailed Guidelines


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