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If you are the kind of reader who desperately needs to have every nuance, every action and reaction explained to you like a small child, then my style of science fiction writing is clearly not for you.

I write in such a way as to make you ask yourself questions all the way through the stories.

In my first published science fiction novel “Onet’s Tale”, my editor insisted that a Dramatis Personae of the characters be added at the front of the book before the first page of text, claiming that without it the reader would be confused.

Thought Provoking Science FictionApparently, that was not the case.

From the feedback I have got from those among you who have read it, with one or two exceptions, you weren’t the least bit interested in his list at the beginning. Like most normal intelligent readers, as and when I introduced you to each character, you accepted who they were and merely got on with the storyline.

I write thought-provoking science fiction, designed not only to entertain but to make you the reader use the brain you were given. If you merely want to coast for a couple of hours in the evening with a book in your hands, relaxing after your working day is over, there are literally millions of trashy novels available.

My current work in progress – “Turning Point”, is written in the same way as “Onet’s Tale”. In other words, I have written it not merely to entertain but to make you think. I have sent it off to three fellow writers to read through. Already I have had various points within the story thrown back at me, to which I say just this – ‘wait until you have read it through to the end before you make your observations. My stories are the kind that needs to be read several times, not just once, then discarded.’

Onet’s Tale and Turning Point are not merely entertainment, nor are they pot boilers. If you want every last minuscule detail spelled out to you then I’m sorry when it comes to science fiction, I don’t write that way.

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  1. Avatar of Paula Shene
    Paula Shene says

    Well, there’s a dare in there, somewhere. Sounds like a fun read to us that like taking side roads and sometimes dangerous alleyways.

    Sounds like another must read on its way.

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