The True Story Behind ‘The Colorado kid’


I dare say many of us have read Stephen King at some time.  

The book that caused the  biggest controversy was The Colorado kid, mainly because from the master of ‘Carrie,’ ‘Christine,’ ‘Kujo,’ came what turned more into an Ellery Queen story. This to many is a marmite story. ‘ You love it or hate it.’

The story centres on the mysterious appearance and death of a man from Colorado, as told by two newsmen.

Did you know it is based upon a real life Australian case though. In Sydney, in the 1940’s a thin man of European descent was found sitting dead on the beach. He was well dressed, had small feet, manicured nails and a wore a grey suit. He had no ID on him, nobody reported him as missing.

The police had no idea who he was? Where he came from? or how he got there?

Nobody remembered seeing him on the beach that day, he just turned up.

If this interests you and you wish to get the book to read a good story. PLEASE check the book on Amazon. A number of people (me included have not), we assumed on the book is in English. They do sell a German version as well.

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