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What would happen if one simple and amazing idea changed the way we look at our outside world and ourselves everyday? Trees are beautiful and I often admire their grandeur and splendor while taking long rides or observing seasonal changes.

But, I bet you did not know that these amazing changes did not come about as a result of some horticulturalist, scientist or botanist coming up with some great scientific breakthrough. No! This magnificent idea to create the many changes in trees came from one unique and special tree called “ The Idea Tree,” and her story is told not just by anyone but by the Idea Tree herself created by author Mary Elizabeth Fam.

Before cars, buildings and dinosaurs guess what? There was a forest. In this vast and amazing forest lived many different kinds of trees. But, as with people each tree is unique and different making the trees in this forest truly stand out. Tall, short, skinny, round some green and one special one greener than the rest. Imagine a sea of amazingly beautiful trees but one whose story you are about to hear and who better than to present it to all children, parents, educators and readers than the tree herself as she relates her grandest idea! Let’s have our tree tell it. “The Idea Tree,” as she calls herself will now relate all of the magical experiences she created for the forest, herself and all of her tree friends.

“ I am a beautiful green tree. I live in the forest. My leaves rustle in the wind, roots crawl and I have been around and lived here all my life. Now, don’t get me wrong. Age has nothing to do with this story or what happened. But, for someone with so much let’s say “Tree Wisdom,” I can tell you that when you hear my story you will be as excited as I am about what happened.

Did you ever get bored with an old pair of shoes, a dress or even a car? Did you ever look in the mirror and want to make just one change in your appearance? This story is about taking chances, making a change, a single thought, idea that set off a chain of events called “The Seasons.” Excited: I cannot wait to tell you the rest!

One morning on a bright and really sunny day I looked around at my fellow trees and assessed my own leaves and wondered: “What if one of my leaves turned yellow? Not a radical idea or change but nonetheless quite insightful and unique. Imagine my leaves or even one looking as magnificent as the sun. One single yellow leaf and the rest remaining green. What do you think? You know kids can be mean and laugh at you because you are different. I wonder if that is the same with trees! But, my courage and persistence won out and one of my leaves did turn a golden yellow.

This was amazing. I waited for a while and listened and wondered if anyone of my fellow trees would laugh or snicker at me. But, something else happened? Can you guess what? Look at the magnificent illustration next to this page and I am sure you can figure it out. You guessed it. Instead of a forest of all green trees with all green leaves every tree had one that was golden yellow. But, why stop there. Another idea came to me and colors are amazing so why not turn all of my leaves yellow. Just wait until you look at the illustrations to see what happens when the entire forest is now filled with trees with golden yellow leaves. Doesn’t it make you want to smile?

Ideas come to me quite often and colors are amazing, green, yellow so why not RED? I love RED. Let’s turn one of my leaves Red. Do you think anyone will notice? Do you think they will laugh at me? Courage dear Idea Tree! Stick to your beliefs. Go ahead give it a shot! Do it! I did! Imagine all of my leaves turning a magnificent Red and guess what? The entire forest turned Red too. As author Mary Elizabeth Fam says,” It was a terrific kaleidoscope of colors.” So, why not one more idea? What would happen if all of my leaves fell to the ground? I could admire them on the ground. What a great idea! Can you guess what happened next? What do you think the other trees did? Look at the amazing colorful and descriptive illustration to help you with your answer.

I think this is truly startling and grand. I am going to call this time of year FALL. I think it is a great name since all of the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. But, let’s not forget winter, look at the beautiful snowcapped trees in this picture, but when the snow melts what you see is truly breathtaking. What happens to my branches will remind you of a precious gem. One tree in the forest stands out. One tree was greener than the rest. Can you tell which one? Can you see what happens every year? Look at the amazing transformation in the illustration and find out for yourself it the only way you will learn things. Some mysteries need to solve by you the young reader. Some questions need to be answered by parents, educators and older brothers and sisters that can read my story to you and teach you about the seasons, trees but even more important that one idea and taking chances can change the way people view or see you in a positive way. 

Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to let others know what you think. It’s our differences that make each of us unique and special. Your thoughts can become realities and your dreams, like mind just might come true. One idea presented and one great story for young readers written by author Mary Elizabeth Fan with colorful and descriptive illustrations that will help young readers that have not learned to read understand and enjoy the story too. This is a great book to teach the seasons, colors, changes in our trees and character education. Children need to learn that not everyone is the same and that being different is great it what makes you stand out. I really hope the author continues writing for young readers and it would be great to hear a story told from a Rainbow, or an Animal or other things in nature.”

Your friend: The Idea Tree

Let’s give this book: FIVE MORE GREAT IDEAS

Recommendation of Endorse:

Children’s literature or books should teach a lesson or send a message to young readers. Author Mary Fam goes above and beyond that is this insightful, well written illustrated book about a clever tree that had a great idea to make the forest more beautiful and take a chance and change the way people view trees and differences in general. One simple thought, one single idea to turn one of her leaves a golden yellow, then all of them yellow and the same with Red with snowball into a creating a forest filled with magnificent colors. The book focuses on teaching children and even adults to embrace our differences, understand that not everyone looks the same, is thin, tall, or even the same color and that it is these differences that comprise and compose not only the kaleidoscope of colors in the forest but the kaleidoscope of colors of the people in this world. This truly a creative and great way to teach children about the seasons, learn colors and character education: Kindness, Fairness and Understanding.

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