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The End Of Grammar As We Know It

The End Of Grammar

“Is is” is making a comeback of sorts, and Warren Clements of the Globe and Mail is careful to document its use in a recent article (link below).

Grammar! What it is is the bane of the writer’s (and the talker’s) existence.

To use it correctly or to use it the way you feel like using it is less a question of proper English anymore, but rather a question of who cares anyway.

The thing is, we don’t care.

But the corollary to the thing is is that if we don’t care about the grammar, then we also don’t care about the meaning we lose when we lose the grammar.

Might as well lose the spelling while we’re at it.

And dump context, relevance, all initial capitals, and punctuation, and use parts of speech interchangeably (as in verb the nouns and noun the verbs).

Keeping this post short today. I can’t be any cleverer with this stuff. Just can’t bring me to mess with our language, except in error.

I’ll leave it to Michelle Obama and others to carry the torch for its is-ing, and I’ll go back to Strunk and White.

Have a good day. Say what you mean and mean what you say.


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