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Book of the Moment Club

We are all well aware that there are pros and cons regarding social media, as in any other sphere of our life. I, for one, often hold a grudge against certain aspects of social media, like: ‘what about our privacy, though?’ It can be, really, seen as hypocrisy on my part.

Why is it so? Well, if someone, as I did, writes a memoir one can’t complain about privacy. Memoir is an open book when it comes to the privacy of the person who has written it. The conclusion than might be – ‘There is, anyway, nothing to hide’, which is completely true. But, we all occasionally complain about privacy invasion and transparency.

Book of the Moment ClubIf it weren’t for social media, we would never get in contact with some really interesting colleagues or find the most interesting reads books, short stories, or articles.

Through social media, I have met a few really interesting, prolific, and gifted writers and several times got involved in different projects with them.

A few years back I ‘met’ an author of noteworthy skill and intriguing and clear foresight: Caleb Pirtle III. The connection with him lead to my contributions to his website Venture Galleries – a portal that connects writers and readers and much more than that, as it opens the doors to further co-operation or plain friendship between colleagues.

It is always a thrill to find a great author, read their work and in the end – befriend them.

Caleb, together with, yet another, the gifted author of legal thrillers, Stephen Woodfin, worked over a year to create The Book of the Moment Club which, in their words, ‘takes full advantage of the lightening age of digital publishing.’

When Caleb approached me last year with just an idea and offered me to be on his board of advisers, I was promptly ready to jump on the wagon, as from previous associations with him I knew that this project should be original, worthy of effort, and above all – useful to the confused reader who, more often than not, struggles, roaming blindly through some 15 million titles on Amazon, only to be put off by disingenuous ‘reviews’ (reviews on-demand or ‘hate-reviews’ if the author is unlucky to grab the attention of a disturbed ‘fan’).

The Book of the Moment Club pre-screens books for their quality and chooses very fine work to be presented. I was rather fortunate to be offered to work with Caleb and Stephen on such a worthy project and more than fortunate to have my book, ‘The Mosaic of the Broken Soul’ selected for membership of this fine club, as you will immediately notice that the bar is set rather high (William Faulkner and John Grisham are featuring among the selected list).

book-of-the-momentThis is, in short, what Caleb Pirtle III said about the Club:
“The Book of the Moment Club will be featuring new books each day, and with the Mobile Web Device, you can find out what great new books are being showcased as soon as they’re added in the morning.

As time goes by the books will cover a number of genres: romance, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and mainstream novels. And that’s just the beginning.

We tell you about the book.
We tell you about the author.
We let the author tell you about the book, the story behind the book, the inspiration of the book, or maybe his or her own philosophy about writing.

You have a chance to know as much about the writer as you do about the book.
It takes a single click, and you can purchase the eBook directly from Amazon or the audiobook direct from Audible.”

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