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So You Think You Can Write?

So You Think You Can Write?

You are an established author and have already published, or you have aspirations to become a writer but you haven’t got a clue how to go about furthering your vocation.

Welcome to ‘Angie’s Diary‘, the magazine that allows you to find out how to write or how to write even better!

We are an established community for writers and editors, connected by a love for the written word.

This article serves to introduce new features and strategies for our online magazine that will benefit its loyal contributors and faithful readers, in ways like never before.

Interaction with fellow authors and editors may very well be the best way to become the writer you set out to be. Sometimes, a small remark or hint from an experienced colleague or editor can broaden your horizon and open up a whole new world of possibilities (or a can of worms – it all depends…).

Many of our subscribers are familiar with the frustration of having a great idea for a story or an essay, but not knowing how to begin or how to conclude in the best possible way (provided they have the staying power to finish, in case of a book). As (potential) authors this applies to all of us, and no one can help us better than fellow writers and editors that have the know-how and experience to give you the many different pointers that can help you to become a better writer.

We were thus motivated to make some important decisions regarding the future of Angie’s Diary.

As we have stated in the past, the FREE Account has no charge and will continue to give authors, especially aspiring ones and/or those without a budget, the opportunity to get professional exposure for their work, the way they have grown accustomed to at Angie’s Diary.

As you have already gathered, we decided to introduce our PREMIUM Account: authors that want to take their work and career to the next level will be allowed unlimited* monthly posts, an extended biography, and no restrictions to feature email addresses, website URLs, social media, et cetera.

PREMIUM Account members will be receiving comments and guidance from their experienced colleagues and editors, (most of whom are PREMIUM members too). For these writers, opportunities to grow as authors abound with these new resources, offered by this online magazine.


Just for the record, we are NOT about (always be wary of slogans such as):

1. “Get your First Book Published on your 1st attempt with a Leading Publisher or get your money back!”
2. “We can get you a book publishing deal before you’ve even written one!”
3. How To Get Multiple Publishing Offers For Your First Book’ in three easy steps, etc.

(In other words: charging you to get published and implicitly promising you commercial success.)

You’ve probably seen many of these ads while surfing the net, and can you truly say that there is not some part of your brain that, against all logic, hopes for success without the work?

So now the moment has arisen to define your perception of success.

Some will argue that success can be measured only in terms of revenue. But this is the site for those of us who know that while a good book may bring one the revenue most of us can only dream about, the real fulfillment lies in the genuine achievement of having written something of value or the satisfaction of having helped other writers toward that goal. In that instance, you will have become a better writer, as well as a better reader.

So join us in improving the quality of writing, reading, and thinking (first) at Angie’s Diary.

* Only possibly limited by our reviewing capacity
** We retain the right of editing or rejection

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