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Shakespeare Said It Best

Shakespeare Said It Best

Friends, writers, authors – We’re going to have to be techno-geeks if we want anyone under forty to ever read our stuff.

I know this isn’t news to a lot of you, but I was with a group of writers the other night and was surprised to learn how many of them, all of them frequently-published authors, have yet to put their work out as ebooks.

William Shakespeare

How many didn’t know how to create a pdf document, let alone Html. How many of them think that success is achieved by getting their work onto a bookshelf in a big-box bookstore.

How few of them blog, or even have well-developed personal websites. How few of them have many “friends” in the new meaning of the word. How few of them tweet, or ever will.

I felt a mix of sadness and panic.

If we want to call ourselves writers in the not-so-new millennium, we have to get with the program:
The new tools of the trade are electronic, wireless, digital.

Writing a manuscript includes knowing how to format, archive, version.
Marketing is now personal, creative, roll-your-own.

We make our own decisions – we have full responsibility.
We make the mistakes – we get the rewards.

(And even if you have or get a mainstream publisher, all of the above still applies.)

O brave new world that has such writers in it!

A death knell is pealing across the web. We can’t avoid hearing it, even with both hands covering our ears. It’s saying traditional publishing is over.

The Writer is dead. Long live the Writer!
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