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Saved By A Book

Saved By A Book?

Saved By A Book?

Have you ever been saved by a book? I’m serious, so it’s not a joke…  Well, I don’t mean that books can cut the rope of your gallows, be your lawyer at the court, or give you or create an antidote for the poison you just drank…

Yet, it doesn’t mean that many books couldn’t change anyone’s way of thinking, or choices people make, or even make many of us do a lot of incredible deeds (more of them good, less evil, or bad I hope…).

For example, a small book of about 150 pages (Flesh by Ph. Farmer) was one of the main reasons for our actions to prevent the destruction of the ozone layer

And I’m sure anyone could name some other examples too of the great power many books have! I’m sure also there are other readers and writers who could share similar stories, like mine:

About ten years ago, there was a period in my life when everything seemed hopeless and meaningless, it seemed my studying of English would be endless.

(I’m not a native Englishman or American, I’m Bulgarian and realized very soon English was a very difficult language, with so many meanings of a single word, there were so many expressions I had to learn, etc.)

After that, it seemed almost impossible to find a publisher for my translated in English book or even a literary agent who would find a publisher… Then I was so depressed because all these happened so slow, that I wanted to suicide myself…

Fortunately, reading of some of Terry Pratchett’s excellent books changed my mind and way of thinking once and for all. They made me realize to cope well with any situation in life one has to find the funny side even of the worst events and mishaps.

But what was even more incredible was something else. Terry Pratchett’s books’ most amazing quality was that they could make anyone think about serious and important things like wars, good and evil, the real difference between perfection and imperfection, human stupidity and its many forms, the good and bad sides of humans’ faith, etc…

I’m really glad Terry Pratchett’s books appeared in my life at the right moment! Now, when my first book Tale Of The Rock Pieces is finally published I feel I have to thank Mr. Pratchett for his amazing works. I don’t know whether he will read this, but I have to admit he actually helped me to make my dreams come true!

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